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Investous is a broker that entered the world of online investing, in 2018. Basically, Investous is a CFD Forex broker in Europe, that offers CFD investing and trading services for Forex and Crypto CFD trading.

They were licensed and regulated in Europe by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), licensed number 267/15. Official Address: F1Markets Limited, Kolonakiou Avenue 43, Shop No 2B, Agios Athanasios, 4103 Limassol, Cyprus.  Contact Email: [email protected] and Phone Number Cyprus: +357 25 262513.

The Official Website is at:

Investous Review

Investous offer investors and day traders a nice suite of CFD trading platforms. The following trading platforms are available: MetaTrader4 Desktop, MetaTrader4 Mobile, and Scipio WebTrader.

The web-based CFD trading software is where most newbie investors and day traders start. It is so clean and sleek, which really helps you get acclimated to CFD trading. Trading Central signals are built into the software, so that you can see trading signals and technical analysis before you place a trade.

You can buy and sell CFDs on hundreds of products, and they break down the assets into four categories: Currencies, Stocks, Indices and Commodities. Trading of Crypto (Digital) Currency CFD’s is available on the following assets: Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Investous Review and Withdrawal

Algorithm Trading Apps

Officially, Investous does not offer their clients an automated trading bot. Instead you need need to find a 3rd party software to use.

There are many options, and you can see the popular ones listed here.

Is Investous Legit?

Not only are the brokers Investous, a CySEC licensed and regulated brokerage firm in Cyprus. Outside of the European Union, they are licensed in the Central American country of Belize.  The broker accepts investors and day traders from all across the European Union and the rest of the world (except certain restricted countries). With the official trading website available in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Nederlands, Arabic and Russian.

Opening an account is very simple. They recommend you start with a minimum initial deposit of £250, but it is actually okay to begin investing with only £100. You can deposit funds into your trading account with any major credit or debit card. Additionally, you can send a bank transfers, or utilize the Neteller service.

Since Investous is a legitimate online broker, they must follow the KYC on-boarding laws of England and the European Union. You will need to verify your ID, and you will need to show proof of funding method.

Demo Trading @ Investous

New investors are always smart to begin their investing journey, with a Practice or Demo Account.

A problem with demo trading, is the psychological factors, which must not be ignored. When you are trading with your own money, there exists the fear of losing money. This causes many investors and traders to hesitate and over think trading decisions.

Instead the new day trader opens up a demo account to test out their idea’s. They soon start to make non calculated “long shot” trades, that they would never make with real money. This gives them the false confidence to start trading a real account.

Proper usage of a demo account, is to test out the brokerage firms trading software.

  • Get comfortable with the trading platforms features.
  • Explore the various CFD order types.
  • Learn how each underlying asset is priced and leverage amounts.
  • Test the system for slowness or latency in execution of your trades.

Remember, paper trade the same way you would in a live account with real money.

There are always the funny stories about a new trader, that thought he was trading on a demo account, to then find out he was actually on a live account.

Investous Complaints

One of the biggest problems investors and traders encounter with offshore Forex / CFD Trading Brokers is withdrawal of their funds. When you are dealing with a broker that is licensed and regulated by CySEC like Investous, you should not have any problems.

The way Investous has maintained their pristine reputation in by quickly processing investors withdrawal requests.

When you submit a request for withdrawal, your money is sent back to the place where you deposited from.

Therefore, if you funded your trading account with a credit card and deposited $1,000, then the first $1,000 you withdraw, goes back to that credit card. If your $1,000 grew to $2,000, then the second $1,000 will be sent via wire transfer your bank account. European banking laws require that you to verify your identity and trading account, before you can start trading. This has made withdrawal problems almost non existent.

When traders read various broker review websites, they may come across a few complaints from irate investors. 99% of complaints are unfounded when dealing with a licensed broker that follows the rules of a regulated investment firm.

When a trader has a complaint against Investous, the first thing you must do,  is send an email to [email protected] This way, your complaint goes directly to their compliance officer to investigate.

Broker Complaints

When you have a complaint about your broker, and you cannot resolve it directly at the broker, you may want to elevate the complaint to the regulator.

Here are links to the popular regulatory agencies: Cyprus CySEC , United Kingdom FCA, Australia ASIC, South Africa FSCA. Another option is to hire an outside company to attempt to recover your deposits. Learn more about Trader Protection Recovery Services.

Investors that use a legitimate broker that is licensed and regulated have less problems. Check out the list of Top Rated Brokers.