500option Scammers?

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Dan asked 5 years ago
Hi there

Anybody here who had bad experience with 500option??

After months of successful trading I cannot withdraw my money, they keep coming up with excuses about the volume of withdrawals that they need to process.

Just wondering if anybody here dealt with them and had similar problems and what was the final outcome.

Thank you for any help

2 Answers
Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
500option is out of business.
See https://brokerwithdrawal.com/500option/

Stephan answered 5 years ago
Yes I had bad experience. Wanted to withdraw my funds without having traded one single time because I changed my mind regarding trading. Account manager contacted me and tried to make me stay. Compliance Department never answers. Phone is never taken. Chat never works. Customer service = zero. Terms and conditions regarding withdrawal clearly breached. Unfortunately I noticed to late that they are not regulated (although located in Bulgaria/EU). I think my 500 EUR are gone…