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Anonymous asked 4 years ago
This happened to me.
Mike Bloomburg did not call.
21.3.2017 14:42
Mike, since our conversation I have had a change of priorities. This means that I need back my 500usd or 666aud as was promised could be for holding until I invested it.
Mike I cannot believe the way that I have been treated by this company since my initial engagement with Benjamin Hill. He may have told you that I lost my arm and have experienced a certain level of discrimination with companies ever since.
This has been my experience so far with your company:
No one has a fixed telephone line and use Cisco systems for lowering expenses with telephones. There is only 1 line for support which I will elude to later.
The telesales person who contacted me said that I would be charged 250aud as a small experimental investor but then pretended to speak with their manager who, if I spent an additional 250aud would also receive a credit of 500 to my account upon speaking to an account manager at a first appointment. 500 USD was taken not Australian.
My first appointment I spoke to Benjamin Hill who nearly word for word spoke to me as you did last night and said that he was doing a business plan for me and that we would have a second appointment where he would lay out the plan and then he would credit me with 500. He never credited me this money. He worded his conversation as to make me feel as if I was such a small I vector that his other client base of only 74 investors were substantially more liquid and financial. He tried to use my self confidence against me.
This as I said did not happen instead he tried to get me to spend 10000 dollars through a money escrow system called Poli, a money transfer system. I asked him to refund my money in good faith that I may invest further. His demeanor changed and he became defensive. The call ended.
20 minutes later Benjamin called and said to go ahead and withdraw 250 from the PlusOption platform so he could remain my account manager because if I did call to reinvest there was no chance of me being directed to him. He then neglected to tell me about the layers of documents I would need to fill in to get my money back but if I only took 250 back he could authorize that immediately. Now to the telephone call I eluded to earlier.
No answer to the number Benjamin provided but instead an ‘Optus cannot reach this number’ message played. Benjamin called back again. Benjamin explained this as Cisco being used. Benjamin then said that he really wanted to remain my account manager and asked me to withdraw only 250. He then said he manages millions of dollars and has a hand picked group of clients and that it was unusual that my account would reach him as he dealt with clients of much larger investment. I again reiterated my point that I wanted my money back as a show of good faith of the system. He ended the call bitterly.
Now I have tried the ONE number that works.
44 20 3807 0195 has been called 13 times and been put on hold for an average of 35 mins at international mobile phone rates after an initial voice recording asking if I want Russian or English.
I have worked in fraud and investigation for Suncorp bank in Australia. This entire experience appears to be a complex scam.
I find it interesting that you rang last night and said many of the things Benjamin had said in almost the same way. I am trained in NLP and note that the tone of voice, aggressive persuasive tone of voice and word phrases that are designed to elicit a yes response by the victim and to convince them of security and wealth if they just follow a plan.
Mike I hope I’m wrong about you but I have little faith in a company that is supposed to have 600 account managers making millions of dollars that can’t provide a telephone number to the account manager or provide an adequate help desk to support their clients who are profiting the account manager as well as themselves. Nor can they simply refund what is supposed to be a small amount of money relative to the size of the company.
Kindly transfer back my 500usd which is 666aud.
If this cannot be done immediately give me the alternative as to how I get my money out of this company or I will publish my story to every scam watch website, pursue every legal avenue available to me seeking not only money but also damages. In addition I will have the Australian and international fiduciary bodies look into PlusOption as well as Benjamin Hill and employees like him using the contacts I have from my time in fraud and investigation.
When you call this evening know that your call will be monitored for training and quality control purposes.
Thanks for your time