AAOption Refuse to Pay my Winnings

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ken charlton asked 5 years ago
AAoption have £142,000 of my money which they earned by manipulating the market and betting on the outcome. They did say it was a loophole they were exploiting .

We were promised the payout in September, then December. Its now February.

When I call they are never available and say I will be called by one of the Managers who dealt with the “investment” (Adam Ansari & James Patmore) they never call. My account shows a balance of “£0” they took the money from this account to invest in the “hedge” fund.

After looking at the complaint’s procedure for Cysec, its obvious I’m not getting any of the winnings or even my money back.

Can any one advise what I can do please. I thought the Police and report for Fraud or manipulating the markets ….

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
AAoption is not licensed or regulated by CySEC or any regulatory agency.
Just do a Google search and you will find more info about them.