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Vedran Jakšić asked 5 years ago
Dear Scam option,

I have started the communication with Binary Brokerz and registered through web. They have taken my deposit out of my bank account. Now I have temporarily gave up and I am asking them the money back. Now they ask me for copy of identification card and bank card.

I am suspicious why they need my documents for giving the money back, but have not need it for taking the money from my account.

Please for your help and suggestion.

best regards,

Vedran Jakšić

1 Answers
Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Vedran,
The licensed and regulated brokers require this information before you start trading. The unlicensed ones ask for it after they already have your money.
We have a list of real brokers here that you should consider if you are interested in really trading binary options,
best regards.