Willy asked 5 years ago

So i’m new in trading and I found this website called Alphabet Broker, and tried to look it up on this website for some review but i couldn’t find any.

Can you tell me about them? They secure?

Best regards Willy

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Willy,
When we checked their site, we did not see a license from CySEC or ASIC, so that means they are not a licensed broker.
There are plenty of licensed broker that you can trade with, see here:

Moderator Staff answered 3 years ago
Amy’s screenshot is fake!!!
Look at the number 6 in the fake bank statement. The font does not match. 
Just call you bank and have them do a Chargeback. 

T.S.S Productions answered 4 years ago
Hi Willy would like to confirm that alphabet Broker is a scam deposited $350 on the 12th of June and withdrew $200 on the 23rd of the same month and now its August haven’t received anything from them instead calls telling me i should deposit, they are a scam be careful

Amy Stevens answered 4 years ago
Hello, I would like to know if this is true because I’m trading with the company since the beginning of the year, 11 of January.
I started with 500 euro from my saving account, at the beginning I didn’t what to do….
I thought that I will lose that money, I don’t know them but still, I had a feeling that I can money from that.
they showed me how to trade with few indicators I didn’t understand them at the beginning
but after a month where they gave me signals and education.
My account was at 21,745 eur after I invested 7,000 euro on 23 of January.
On the 18 of February, I had a heart surgery and I needed 20,000 eur to pay the hospital.
I requested on the 23 of February the withdraw and received the money on the 27 of February,
I paid the hospital the money and I had left 6,000 eur in the trading account.
Then, month after they Requested from me and my husband to put between 50,000-100,000 eur because our account was small.
we took a loan from the bank for 40,000 and took all the 50,000 we had in our saving account.
I was soooooo terrified to lose that money, but somehow they made us 280,500 in 7 months
I paid the bank the loan and I have now 259,782.
I withdraw every month now 8,000-10,000.
I don’t think they are scammers some of them are jerks but a lot of them are very nice people.
Should I try to withdraw all my money or should I continue to grow my account?
Please Advise.

Amy Stevens answered 4 years ago
Hey Everyone, although I’m making money and I was able to withdraw 8,000-10,000 a month from this account,
I’m trying to withdraw half of the money to be sure, and if we receive that money,
I’m absolutely recommending this website for a great income, I worked hard my entire life for only to make for a living,  and I was able to travel so many places thanks to them.
Hope to give good news soon.
Cheers 🙂

Amy Stevens answered 4 years ago
Thank you, God, for hearing my pray’s.
I can’t believe that I’m going to have a white Christmas this year, we are freaking out at home right now. 
Thank you alphabet for the support and the help, even when it was hard they helped me get stronger, God please bless all the people working in the company.
Please, for everyone that see that and looking to support their family.
This is the best way you can do that!!!! Banks are thieves!!!!!!!!!

Mary Christmas to everyone, I hope that Santa is helping everyone like he helped me.
Cheers!! <3 <3

Nicht relevant Nicht relevant answered 3 years ago
Hello Amy.
If your story is really true you could help me.
I “invested” overall 11,500 € so I had a managed account.
By now I have a account-balance of 30.596.69 €. But it is worthless because I can’t have a single cent of that money. They just refuse to pay out. They want me first to pay a broker fee of 10.200 € by bank transfer (to changing bank accounts of different dummy corporations).
When I asked to pay only a little part first in exchange against a proportionate payout sum they refused. They want the total of 10.200 € in advance. And they also don’t want to take this fee from my account balance (by the way this strange broker fee would be more than 50% of all trading profits). After one month the senior analyst from alphabetbroker wrote to me: “please note that your broker fee correct for today is 13,200 euro payable up front”
So this company seems like total scam! Also because no one is ever answering on the support phone number. 3 times ringing and then always it just ends. And also the mails from the support are never answered. Everytime just the same crazy Senior Analyst is answering incoherently and mostly he don’t even adress my answered issues.
So Amy Stevens if you are not just a fake account to attract new victims for this scam-broker you should not have problems to help me get my money. Who is a contact person in this company you trust and could help me?

Amy Stevens answered 3 years ago
Hello There 🙂
I needed to pay as well 32,731 on the 160k I received.
I don’t know why we need to pay upfront but I didn’t ask questions you know.
I was doing whatever they told me to do…
My contact over there was Charles in team Bravo he’s a nice Gentlemen.
paid all the credit and loans I had, and I just came back from a vacation in Thailand.
I received my money I don’t know what about other people, as well I had an account in
and they required me to pay the fees before I withdraw.

Nicht relevant Nicht relevant answered 3 years ago
Hello Amy,

thx for your answer. What about your heart surgery, when you needed 20,000 EUR to pay the hospital.
You wrote you requested the withdraw on 23 of February and received the money on the 27 of February. So you don’t payed there any broker fee (should have been something around 6-9.000 EUR) first? And when you after the withdraw also had 6.000 EUR left in your account, that means you only took around 15.000 out. So after the broker fee you had only around 6-7.000 EUR more to pay the surgery than before.

And what about the other times?  “we took a loan from the bank for 40,000 and took all the 50,000 we had in our saving account… they made us 280,500 in 7 months. I paid the bank the loan and I have now 259,782. I withdraw every month now 8,000-10,000.”

So your broker fee before you could even withdraw a single EUR would have been at least around 50-60.000 EUR. How you payed that to them, after you took everything you had in the trading account before?

Also they told me clearly there is no possibility to withdraw only in parts. I asked several times that I want to withdraw only a little share of the money and pay only the “broker fee” for that part. But they everytime insisted I have to pay all in one and then they would send me all my balance.

Just two days ago I got a new mail from the senior analyst Robert who is my (only available) contact person over the last some month.

“Dear Sir,
once again we are writing you about your account since the management of your account has expired.
You need to deposit or withdraw by Jan 24 2018 in order to continue or the account must go on auction
the broker fee due is 13,200 Euro
Balance: €43342.69″

They wanted me to send the “Brokers Fee” to this 2 Accounts, so far:

First time To a “Djbi Markets Trade GmbH” Adress: “Wittener Str. 38, 42277 Wuppertal, Germany”. Bank account: Fidor Bank: IBAN: DE88700222000020263899

The second time (around 1 Month ago) and now (two days ago) to a “Molly trading co ltd” Adress: 1 6th September St., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria. Bank account: UNICREDIT BULBANK: IBAN for EUR: BG36STSA93000025492725 IBAN for USD: BG72STSA93000024592756
When your contact Charles gave you the posibility to pay only the fee for the amount you wanted to withdraw in that moment instead of paying all fees at once and have to close the account after this, like my strange contact wants it to be, that sounds a lot better. Could you tell me how I can contact Charles to talk about a similar model in the case of my account?

Nicht relevant Nicht relevant answered 3 years ago

The scammers from wrote me again today:

“Balance: €43342.69
As you know the management on your account has expired.
You must withdraw all your funds by Monday or your account will go on auction and who ever pays your fee, will receive the account.
The broker fee to be wired is 13,000 euro.
once you wire, please send the confirmation.  After this, it will take 4 business days before you see your funds in your bank account.
see attach for bank details


Best Regards,

Senior Analyst


KILL ALPHABETBROKER;COM answered 3 years ago
Hello Evertone and Nichtrelevant! Amy is for sure a fake “customer”, I also received a “reference” customer from (“Eva Sager” from Switzerland, I will get back to this), I placed € 25.000 on a so called “managed” account. The profit they estimated on a 4 months contract was not out in the blue. I made the “contract” with a person called “Stanley Rogers”. It was first when this so called “Robert Kirk” appeared, I started to wonder/worry, he had some strange attitude (not to business-like). Anyway I paid the broker fee fully € 15.000 and made an contract that they “signed”, last broker fee to the same Molly trading, they where supposed transfer the whole amount € 106.000 to me in return. But these criminals where not happy, the wanted tax as well. Thats when I finaly stopped paying. I did make transfers to the same “companies” except Djbi it  was called COMO. Postbank germany have had several episodes  with this criminals. My chargesback (recalls) are still running. I managed to retrieve € 5.000 from Molly trading, It was a great personal victory for me. Even after raising the Broker fees to (with Mastercard) and some to Molly trading, they continued to threaten me (like they did with you), tax fees (they sent me rules that do not apply under their juricdiction:), auction (who can you auction fraud money:) and last week after sucess with one chargebacks they threaten me with laywer. From the beginning “Eva Sager” from Wintherthur (Canton Bern) was given as reference customer, of cource she was working in a church an so on… Her role was to provide credibility, She said she take out money monthly, her sister did too was struggeling to pay the fees and had to pay the tax aswell.. I asked her for documentation, It came realy clear to me. She had gained more than $ 250.000 in 2 months and received 125 % bonus with her € 5000, this was a printout from Be aware of these criminals ROBERT KIRK, STANLEY ROGERS (or J. ROGERS) and EVA SAGER these are professional criminals. Especially ROBERT KIRK which clearly have psycopatic tendencies (his  last words on Skype, one week after he said he could not talk to me anymore (because I did not pay all the tax) was: ” YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH MY MIND?”. Keep away from Sadly I did not see this report in the beginning of desember. I am preparing to sent it all to the local police and they have promised me to send the case to INTERPOL. This crime is referred to as a “5 flags crime”; UK (SCOTLAND), ST. VINCENT & GRENADINE, PANAMA, GERMANY AND ROMANIA. If anyone should wish file a criminal charge gainst Sadly Mastercard is probably not going to be supporting in this case, but I am going to make sure that my bank is going to put stress this giant because I have clear evidence that the payments of brokerfee was not a service I received. Feel free to contact me on: [email protected]. Regards

Stephan Plomp answered 3 years ago
Unfortunatly I had the same experiencince with
I also think that is the same company.
I had contact with:
David Adams [email protected]
Robert Kirk [email protected]
Jay Frances [email protected]
Michael Sean Harris [email protected]

We want to apologize first that you didn’t receive a notice about the trades, it was long trades so maybe your broker didn’t see.
As agreed you will not pay broker fee’s on the difference because its our mistake, so we will not charge you for our service.
A tax represents money that a government charges an individual or business when they perform a particular action or complete a specific transaction. This tax is often assessed as a percentage of an amount of money involved in the transaction. For example, a tax is applied on the income that a person makes during a year. In addition, a tax is often placed on the sale of goods and financial accounts.
The total sum of your account is $11,525 correct to the end of 2017 after several trades were closed.
you have 15% tax = $1,728.75 from $11,525.00.
After making the payment, the sum of 11,525.00 will be sent to your bank account in ING BANK, city: Amsterdam. tax free, meaning you don’t need to pay more tax in Netherlands.
The time for the money to be in your bank account is 3-7 business days, depending how fast your bank respond.

We hope that you enjoyed your journey with alphabet, we are looking forward to work with you again in the future.
Have a wonderful year!
Thank you for the email.
Your funds will be sent to you on Monday 15 januari

Carla Sanchez-Stern answered 3 years ago
I have not had any problems with AlphaBet, I am actually pretty baffled by a lot of these comment. I invested gradually with alpha bet broker and had had a very good return, I would go as far to say life changing honestly but I don’t know what the “average” return is. I have made successful withdraws, and feel completely in control of my account, which I cant say is the case with other companies I have dealt with. Hands down the best investing experience I have had.

rkablash answered 3 years ago
I have been invested with Alphabet since  September and have made successful withdraw ( which was a big concern of mine pre-investment), and a pretty tidy  profit. I don’t invest much time in it as I am busy with a few other projects at the moment, so  I really leave it in the hands of my broker, but I have been very satisfied with the turn over considering he amount of time I put into it. When my schedule clears some, I will definitely be putting all my energy here.

Joseph Teo answered 3 years ago
I was first approached by a Edward Hogan who managed to convince me to deposit quite a large sum of money. first he promised I would be abe to get back my funds and profits in weeks which of course did not materialise. made me plenty of empty promises. two months down the road, robert kirk called me and claimed that edward was mishandling client’s monies and had since been dismissed. started to tell me lots of terms and conditions to withdrawing my money. anyway, what i find ridiculous is that I need to pay 30% fees within a month when the so called managed account reached 200k. same as the above, if i don’t pay by today, the account will go into auction to the highest bidder. he rejected my request to meet him in the office to make the withdrawal in person.
If its a legit business, why would he not allow me to fly over and pay the fees in person and to withdraw funds? I pray that they will not last long and all the scam companies out there will get their dues soon.

Peter Leroux answered 3 years ago
I can’t relate to a lot of these comments on this thread. I worked with a few of the brokers there, and have had nothing but good, if not consistent experiences. I have been working with them for over 6 months now, and have had 3 different withdraws of pretty big sums, with absolutely zero hassle. 

Sarah Bjortomt answered 3 years ago
My mother has also been a victim of this scam by Alphabet Brokers. She has invested tens of thousands of pounds and in order to withdraw money they wanted more money before making payment to my mother, more money than she was trying to withdraw. She also set up an account for me in which she invested £10,000. When trying to withdraw on their simple website application, it turned out to be a fake button in which I could not withdraw any funds. I wish I had have seen the website before she invested or spoken to one of the ‘brokers’. Robert Kirk has sent me a few emails, he cannot even speak good english and he writes in the most unprofessional manner I have ever seen; it is actually a joke. At one point he began a letter ‘to Sarah or whatever your name is’. Do not believe the above scammers assisting the criminals in the above posts; you do not receive your so-called earnings. I just hope this doesn’t happen to other vulnerable older people; I believe in karma. 

PK answered 3 years ago was a big cheat company. Bunch of fraudsters The website itself does not exist now. I also lost close to $40K of my own. Market value of my $40k was close to $100k, but they never allowed to withdraw my money.

John van der Heemst answered 3 years ago
















Ives answered 3 years ago
I have lost money on alphabet to .
I started with 500 eur and they got me up to 13000, never asked for withdrawal.
Robert Kirk called me and to say I needed to withdrawal before X-mas,and a trade was going on with profit 20K
so I had to pay tax-brokerfee and for the stamps on documents !
Eventually I did pay this for 2800-2500 and 1200
When I did not recieve withdrawal I contact and he said there was another trade going on he did not know about !
for another 20k profit and I should pay again on that
told him I would if I get my withdrawal but never recieved it.
he kept contacting me telling my account would be sold if I did not pay
I refused and now idd lost the money
Hard to believe they get away with this

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