Any Legit Auto Trading App for Investous?

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Lynn asked 1 year ago
So here are my questions about Investous.

I am interested in trading Crypto and Share at the Investous brokers, using an auto trading app (Algorithm Software). What can you tell me about their EA or Expert Advisor for MT4? Is it good, and does it produce good consistent profits?

I checked, and saw that Investous is indeed licensed and regulated in Cyprus by the CySEC regulator. Have you heard of any complaints from other people investing there?

Thank you for your help.

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Moderator Staff answered 1 year ago

You can check the Investous review, to see if there are any complaints.

Investors has basically one choice for Auto Trading with Investous, and that is to connect an EA to your MT4 software. You can see some popular trading robots currently being used.

It is very important you know that if you use an auto trading bot or algorithm, you still need to monitor the trades it does, or you will lose money.

Pepperstone has a few “Social Trading” providers they work with, see here.


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