Anyone dealing with SuisseOptions And Jack Ryan?

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Sylvie asked 5 years ago

Is anyone dealing with SuisseOptions And Jack Ryan? I would just like to know if there is anyone else dealing with this company.

I am having a hard time connecting with anyone at the company. Nobody answers the phone and now I cannot access my online account. I did not change my password. (someone did). I have invested money in this company. I have not received any return on my investments yet.

Please contact me ASAP if you are dealing with company now.

I am from Ontario Canada.

Greatly appreciated!


7 Answers
Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Did anyone every think of using a licensed and regulated broker?

Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
It would be great if someone would explain why they are “investing” with an unlicensed operation?

Lynne answered 5 years ago
Yes. I have had dealings with Jack Ryan. I didn’t invest much but of course
they are asking for more money. Jack has called me several times so far.
I do have trouble accessing my account with the password they gave me,
but I can usually get in. I am rather nervous because I can find out nothing
about him and his trading past. He appears to be charming but I am very

Kendra answered 5 years ago
Yes, I did deal with Jack a few months ago and he did deliver on what he promised, he seems a bit peculiar until you get to know him but I know for sure that he is a man of his words. Just needs time to do things in his own way.

sara jones answered 4 years ago
Does anyone know Jack Ryan. He is asking for a $10,000 investment to a CFD contract that is supposed to make up to 250% if the market crashes which he said mid December. I have originally put in $2k and in a month seen that increase to 9k but I have not got my initial investment before. Is this a scam. I hope to hear from you guys. 

Steve Thompson answered 4 years ago
I have been dealing with Jack Ryan for a little over 1 year, ill be honest he has changed my life. I have invested in approx 6 CFD Contracts and have made money on all as well as my day trading account, im in a position now where i have made back the 100k i lost with some dodgy platform, this guy will not let you down, for what its worth you will make more than 250% when the market crashes

sara jones answered 4 years ago
Hi Steve do you have an email address so can ask you some specific questions regarding him. ? otherwise my address is i hope to hear from you