Anyone Dealt with RTG Trading?

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Cliff asked 5 years ago
I am dealing with RTG Trading and I am having a lots of problem dealing with them.

I tried to take some money out and they did not let me.

Can anyone help? How do I get this fixed?

4 Answers
Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
We still don’t understand why anyone would “trade” with a fake unlicensed broker.
There are plenty choices of legitimate, licensed, legal, regulated brokers, see here.

Anonymous answered 5 years ago

I am in a similar situation and very worry.
I am sorry that I got involved with this people, they are disgusting and dishonest!

Anonymous answered 5 years ago
Yep get worried my account has somehow just disappeared after a year of trading with them. And haven’t heard back from them. They will probably shutdown soon just like BMB option. Second option company that has shutdown on me lucky didn’t put much money with them. Never deposit large amounts with people who continually ring you and tell you how good they it will be bullshit.

Anonymous answered 5 years ago
that was meant to say
(Tell you how good they are it will be bullpoo)