Anyone had dealings with Delta Capital Markets?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsAnyone had dealings with Delta Capital Markets?
David Bradshaw asked 4 years ago
Has anyone had experience of dealing with Delta Capital Markets?  Are withdrawals easy? I have seen one cautionary review but nothing else.  Their website is incomplete and seems to use the same format as other binary options dealers.

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Jacob Roberts answered 4 years ago
I am dealing with Delta Capital Markets since 6 months now, I have never faced any kind of problem while handling their platform. Sometimes, I have gained profits & sometimes loss but it all depends on the asset you are putting your money on. I think you must try it before actually looking for reviews & the website does not describe the work, these websites are all same when you look. Rest is all your choice, all the best!!!

David Bradshaw answered 3 years ago
Stay clear of this company. I made the mistake of being taken in by their hype and opened a managed account: I have lost all of the money deposited with them. Their withdrawal terms are ridiculous, requiring the deposit plus bonus to be turned over 20 times, so even when it is obvious they are presenting bogus trades you cannot stop them trading or withdraw the funds.

Anyone having problems with this company should report the fraud to Action Fraud, with as much information as possible. Keep all transaction records and download the “positions” data. Other people have reported problems with the company on other websites.