Is Anyone Trading with Huge Options?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsIs Anyone Trading with Huge Options?
Anonymous asked 5 years ago
Hey Mates,

Has anyone heard about Huge Options? A friend recommended them, but I’ve never heard about them before.


3 Answers
Adam Kraus answered 5 years ago
Hello Benjamin,
I’m trading with them for the past month, got excellent service from Michael their support representative (he speaks German as well so for me it was very useful) and the most important part, I had no problem to withdraw money from my account.
Good Luck!

Croch answered 5 years ago
I am warning everyone do not get engaged with huge options .is a big scam .you create an account with a id and password. 
You are not protected at all they can do whatever they want , make trades without your permission , even if you have changed the password it doesn’ t matter .they give you the bonus without any notice .you will regret , stay away from them.big scam .

steve answered 5 years ago
Hi, i am actually have a very good experience with huge options. no scam for sure! my broker made me 6K $ on April (tradings regarding the QE`s). it was way beyond my expectations! i had no problem to withdraw money from the account. they are providing a great service (and i had some bad exp. with other companies before). i do trust them and actually think that the person who wrote the “warning” comment is someone that get payed from another company.