Anyone Trading With OakTree Binary?

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Ranon asked 5 years ago

I recently heard about a company called OakTree Binary from an investment service that says they will generate returns of 20% with their binary options trading strategy. They told me that they will open up an account for me at OakTree Binary.

I am a little concerned because I see that they are owned by the same company as In2Markets and they are based in Costa Rica. I live in Australia so is my money safe with them?

Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

3 Answers
Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
The general rule is that if it looks to good to be true, it probably is.
There are many binary option scams online today.
Most binary option traders in Australia will choose an ASIC licensed binary options broker like HighLow or a New Zealand licensed broker like BinaryTilt.
If you are looking for an automated trading software, the read more about the Binary Hedge Fund, which is quite good.

PC answered 5 years ago
Oaktree, don\’t touch them with a barge poll 

Dean answered 5 years ago
Hi, I have been scammed by a similar company called BinaryBook. Stay away from binary options trading at all costs. I have lost £7720 altogether because guess what? It is too good to be true!!! hope this helps   Dean