Anyone Using The FXSniper System With Itrader?

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Laurie asked 4 years ago

I watched a video today from FXSniper, and it says that I can make $2,000 a day using the software. So I signed up, and it connected me with iTrader. But now I don’t see any software to use.

Are any people out there using this software, and where do I login in to see it?

Thank you

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Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Laurie,
You can read the official review of iTrader here. Itrader is a CySEC licensed broker that is regulated in Europe.
The problem with an automated trading software like FX Sniper is that it has access to your trading account, and it can place trades without your knowledge.
90% of automated trading robots are bad, and will wipe out your trading account. If you are interested in trading Forex, then do your research, and read about the popular brokers here.
It is not like FXSniper says in their video that you can make $2,000 a day. You need to be really lucky to make that kind of money trading.