Are 10markets and Allgotrade reliable brokers?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsAre 10markets and Allgotrade reliable brokers?
Alain Rondeau asked 5 years ago
Are 10markets and Allgotrade reliable brokers?

They are not on your list.


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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Which country are you from?
Neither one of these brokers have a license from a regulatory agency like CySEC, FCA, CFTC etc.
Read more about licensed broker here.

John Edwards answered 5 years ago
Do not go near allgotrade.
I was put onto them by a signals provider and trusted that they knew what they were doing when they suggested them.
I won some money but decided they weren’t for me as there was no turbo options nothing below 5 minutes so asked for my
money back and am still trying to get this money back for 8 weeks. Just getting the run around.
Unless you want the same thing happening to your money I would leave well alone!!.

tc answered 5 years ago
I AGREE, Total Scam artists, i doubt they use their real names do not go near them for anything they will not give you your money back, they just lie to you and promise they will but they never do. BEWARE OF Michael Bell, Leo Jamson, Roy Malone, William Billows that is if they are using their real names. Their support team never answers emails, all you will get is false promises. RUN, RUN, RUN, in the other direction
Do not beleive thier lies, once they have your money they will keep asking for more and even if you win anything you will never see your money again