Are Prime Brokerz and GoBinary247 a Scam

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsAre Prime Brokerz and GoBinary247 a Scam
JOHN HYND asked 5 years ago

I want to know if the binary options brokers  PRIME BROKERZ and GOBINARY 247, are these brokers a scam.

Thank you,


Mr John

3 Answers
Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi John,
Neither one of these brokers are licensed or regulated.
Where did you hear about them?

j gill answered 5 years ago
binary brokerz    is a very big scam  they take money out of your bank  and y can not get it back  do not open account   
nt white binery brokerz zzzzz

Nad answered 5 years ago
Do not invest in gobinary247, Ive got $7000 invested, no trading and no response to emails. Its a SCAM!!!