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Rio asked 5 years ago
Dear Sir/madam,

i just join with integra option and want to look whether this broker license and not SCAM

their site is
thanks for your response and help


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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Rio,  
Integra Option is owned by C.G Capital Investments, Ajeltake road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands, MH96960.  
If you live in the Marshall Islands they may be a good broker for you, but otherwise it does not look like they have a license.
Integra Option are operating on the SpotOption trading platform, which is the same software used by the licensed brokers and Binary Capital Markets.     

Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Endy,
Did you see a license for Integra? If you did not see a license on the regulators website, then it does not count. We don’t see any mention of a license on Integra’s actual site, so that means they are an unlicensed broker.
If you can withdraw your money today, then they are legit, if they make you wait, and give you a story, then they are not legit.

Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
Why don’t you find a real automated trading software, and use a legal licensed broker.
Look at the Robots page

rio answered 5 years ago
so if im in singapore and they have taken my money for the deposit and im unable withdraw any money from my profit so can you please advise how to get my money back as there no contract with them
please advise and thanks

rio answered 5 years ago
thank you for you advise sure i will contact my bank regard to this matter

Evelyn answered 5 years ago
Hi Rio, I have met the same thing as what you have met. Well, would like to also raise this issue to ensure that no too many of our fellow Singaporeans fell into the trip. I have already invested quite a sum of $ and they are now asking for more. It has been a headache coz most of the investments are from loans of banks. I have called the banks to file a dispute and will be doing a police report soon. Would like ask Rio if you are going to report this to the police?

Endy answered 5 years ago
Hi Rio and Evelyn… recently i just receive a call from integra options and also make some deposit. I though that integra is certiffied with FSP have you all check with the authority there to resloved this issues? As i see many good reviews about integra options so decided to give it a try. Dont be mistaken that i am on integra options side, just want to know whether integra is a legit or a scam.

rio answered 5 years ago
they also just got call again from them after lost my invest that they will recover all my money if i put 1 K but i deny it as seem they can withdraw all the money by themself. as i told before when i try withdraw like 100 usd they say yes tomorrow will in but in the end the put you in situation that you will never withdraw your money.,…then i check to regulated broker seem they not in the list but for now what i can see to license one is like IQ Options they explain you before invest the money what is the procedure and how to deposit and withdraw money…
police report what i can read from trading forum will put them on the blacklist only but seem not to getting back your money as you approved them to invest by form that they send when you deposit it. are you in singapore?

rio answered 5 years ago
Hi Endy,
i dont know you are on integra side or not but you have profit already? and try to withdraw it and let us know what happen next? for deposit the quick response to send you response but when withdraw it no email notfication will come to you or form or anything…

Endy answered 5 years ago
ya rio as what i know i you receive the bonus at the start you need to trade 40 times of what you receive before you can make a withdrawal like you receive 1000 you need to trade till it become 40000 to be able to make withdrawals….. i put in around 2k sgd into the site and till now the broker say that i cant withdraw my money yet as i receive bounus of 1k…. however i do agree that the broker keep ask you to invest money into the account even rom lending or borrowing for the account to be more liquidity. They are indeed registered byFSP i did do a search on that, they is really registered however it was deregistered on june already so now i also not sure whether is it legit. The broker that is tag to my account is really very commited in teaching and helping me to grow my account but i just dont feel comortable in putting in more money into a company that is not regulated by authority. The broker did assured me few times that i just treat the amount i invested as money that i have lost already and once i get my account up i will be able to make withdrawal. For now i will just treat it as a lost money and try not to invest more money, unless you intend to put more money at good/bad risk.
Do let me know if your withdrawal is successul as we will be able to know whether the company is legit or scam. 

Gary answered 5 years ago
I don’t understand what is all the fuss about.
I have been trading with them for more than 6 months and withdrew money several times…
If you have received a bonus from them or lost money – how can you blame the broker?
Do let me me know if you can find a better broker, money is never enough….

Anonymous answered 5 years ago
Hi gary you are you a singaporean?

Gary answered 5 years ago
I am not a Singaporian, I live in the UK.

Loke answered 5 years ago
Hi i m with integraoption early June 2016, initially i m invested USD1k, then they asked me to increase to USD5k for semi manage, which i did so.
they educate me on the 60s trading and i trade with my broker together on my account. there was a time screwed up and loss about usd3.6k in the trading, which that mean my asset is less than USD5k which unable to have the semi manage.
my broker asked me to take the full manage and risk free “package”, which need USD10k (VIP), full mange mean the trading is done by broker and if any loss of trading will be reimburse back by the company. as he told me the return will be 40% of my 10k monthly. i invested another USD10k there. The risk free is true, he trade for me and there was time he loss usd4k, immediately he reimburse back to my account. after that loss he lower my trading limit to none VIP credit ( trading credit usd5, 15, 35….., while VIP credit is USD60, 150, 500…) given the reason the market is not stable. with the none VIP credit that;s mean my profit will be very less, and we unable to see 40% profit return. i did argued with him, and end up i give way ( because i still see some minor profit)
Then i happen to know another binary trading company (bigoption), bigoption also tell me he can gain month profit of 40%, and would like to challenge integraoption. i told my broker about Bigoption then he increase the trading limit to VIP again last week. i m currently in profit about USD2k (exclude my previous loss). last night he ask me to add up my account volume to reach USD30k so he can trade for long term and others to get more profit.

i also donno should i do that or not.
so far i never withdraw any money out. it is very hard to withdraw the money?
I am Malaysian stay in Singapore (Singapore PR)

Anonymous answered 5 years ago
Hi Loke i have read your story, i wouldnt label integra option is a scam or not a scam however i will say you try do some withdrawal and see how it goes? Although there are good reviews also but we wont be able to know the real truth as all are from different country.

Stephen Norris answered 5 years ago
Guys, i don’t understand what is all the fuss about.
 Have been trading with integraoption from 4 months. They are responsive to my preferences and renders quality services at all times.A few times had camplaints but they were resolved quickly and swiftly and in my favour. They never took a single penny without my permission. If so I was asked first hand.

Anonymous answered 5 years ago
So how do we actually get our money back after we have deposit it? 

Daniel answered 5 years ago
I have been working with integraoption from 5 months now. I am glad with their services and their nice support for clients.My withdrawal took more then average time as I got it after 5 working days but it was without hassle so I don’t have any issue with that as long as i’m getting what i requested.

Amy Hillier answered 5 years ago
I have been working with Integraoption for quit some time and it have been a blast. there were some errors but they were resolved as quickly as possible. Integraoption has always put my well being infront and i have no complaints for them none what so ever. Thank you Integraoption.

Frankie Taylor answered 4 years ago
Hi Every1,
This is my first review about any broker, I’ve used 5 months ago first time, I found them online while i was searching for suitable broker of binary option trading. In start i was very careful in taking any step upon my investment.But I really appreciate the way they treat their customers and cooperation with them although i have not made much money with them but happy with what i have got till now.

Aidan Jones answered 4 years ago
 Integraoption has all the features and facilities any trader would be looking for. Their representatives have been quite pleasant in their responses.Impressed with their money withdrawl policy as well. I have already recommended it to my other friends.

Emily Kifer answered 4 years ago
I am very pleased with this company so far and don’t have any issue so far.integraoption made my first ever trading experience a really pleasent one. Their account managers are nice and customer support is very efficient. Integraoption is also offering the best bonus policy.

Ranon answered 4 years ago
Working with IntegraOption has a good experience of mine. I have been a member of IntegraOption for quiet some time now. Great people, good attitude at all levels of the company.

In future i still want to support them if we both move forward with the same positive attitude.