AskForBit Cryptocurrency Broker Legit?

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Lynette asked 1 year ago
We are trying to identify if is legit or scammer offering crypto trading. Max Foster is the broker
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Broker Withdrawal Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Lynette,

AskForBit is a CFD broker, that claims to be located at: 20 Oskar-von-Miller-Ring München, BY 80333, Germany. This is actually a WeWork office, so it is not a really location.

As search for Max Foster on this website finds, that a man with the alias Max Foster worked for a fake binary options broker called Binaring.

They are using the Bifinex corporate names on their terms and conditions page. BFXNA Inc. and BFXWW Inc.

Bottom line, AskForBit is not a regulated broker, and will probably disappear shortly. (AKA Exit Scam)

Claire Davey answered 11 months ago
Hi they got my money then left the amount  up  AND THEY NEVER TRADED IT. Also their chat line JUST WONT ANSW And they won’t let me withdraw my funds at all. .
Stephen answered 5 months ago
DO NOT TRADE WITH ASKFORBIT. They are one big scam. The take your money, give you a personal account manager who makes big false profits on a false trading platform. They continually try to convince you to invest more and more outlay. You might get small payments back initially but once they think they can get nothing more from you, they stop all contact and refuse the give you any more money. They are frauds.
John answered 5 months ago
Put a withraw request and have not receive my money. Called, emailed and sent texts numerous times but no communication back. Under any circumstance do not deal with Askforbit! BEWARE! KEEP AWAY if you don’t want to be scammed and loose your money. As many people have already posted on many review sites they are deceptive, tell lies, immoral and are only interested in taking your hard earned money. Total scam! Beware of people called Heather Parker and Max Foster (Not even their real names). Do not deal with them as you will loose your money just like I have.  
Greg Tommas answered 2 weeks ago
100% criminal scammers,  be warned. Need a class action against them. They have been steeling money for years with no consequences. Some of the many aliases they use..   [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
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