Is BinarinG a Good Binary Options Broker?

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Ranon asked 5 years ago


I recently heard about a trading software called GoogleTrader which promises to beat the markets and provide good signals for trading binary options.

When I signed up for the software they created an account for me at a broker called Binaring. I did a Google search and could not find any information about Binaring. Their website says that they are located at 20-22 Wenlock Road , London, N1 7GU, UK.

Do you have any information about them? Are they licenced and regulated by the FCA?

Also, do you think the GoogleTrader is a good and reliable software?

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
This is one of the problems with using an unlicensed broker. They don’t process withdrawals properly, and they are all tied in with scam trading robots.

Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
It look like Binaring changed they address and country. Typical of a scam broker.
Credit Card Processor: BJ VOIP LTD, Advantage Business Centre – 132-134 Great Ancoats Street, Manchester, M4 6DE.
Offshore Broker: Ideal Option LIMITED Level 5, Development Bank of Samoa Building, Beach Road, Apia, Samoa.

David answered 5 years ago
Copybuffet company has forced me to use BinarinG as a broker (scam broker) with the Copy buffet software.
I have refused to deposit more money than my initial $300 and the account manager Jonathan White got angry and insulting. Directly after that I swtart to loos the majority of my trades with the bot and I disconnected the auto trader on Copybuffet but for some reason Jonathan at BinarinG with help from Copybuffet override my decision and re-activate the bot.
Over the last weeks |I have on many occasions requested Jonathan White, Kelly Watson and a Chris to leave my account alone and not to manipulate the bot.
I also have requested to withdraw my amount of $300 more than a month ago but so far they have not processed my request. They keep on overriding my wishes. Every time I de-activate the auto trader on Copybuffet,,,,BinarinG with the help of Copybuffet again re activate my account.

Vio answered 5 years ago
Hi! It happened to me too, with the same Jonathan White. There is something we can do?

Graeme Absolom answered 5 years ago
1    I invested with them and got to $92,000
2    They lost 2 trades valued at $30.000  10/6/2016
3    They traded another set of trades valued at $60,000 to December leaving my account at $900  10/6/2016
4    I closed those trades and my a/c was $55,600. 10/6/2016
5    I applied for a withdrawal of $55,000  10/6/2016
6    I sent an email asking to not trade for me  10/6/2016
7    I changed my password   10/6/2016
8    2 days later someone has cancelled the withdrawal and added a bonus of $55,000  13/6/2016
9    I did not know about other bonus amounts added previously totalling $9200
10  I needed a trading value of $279.000 to meet those bonus.
11  As at 10/6/2016 when I requested a withdrawal I traded $331,010
12  On the 17/5/2016 a withdrawal of $1000 was approved. I did not receive it.
13  On the 25/5/2016 another withdrawal of $5,000 was approved
14  Who approved these and where did the money go??
15  Please allow my original withdrawal to stand of $55.000
16  Cancel the unauthorised bonus of $55,000 and any conditions associated with it – mainly a trade volume of 1.6 million
17  You can reach me on 0431954012 to discuss this matter

max answered 5 years ago
wao… how much have you invested to make 92,000$ and in how much time?

richard gough answered 5 years ago
these are true scammers.

Low chee kin answered 5 years ago
I had invested in Binaring recommend by signalsbinary.

They had ignore my withdrawal request for more than 2 months ..

email them also useless with no response. .. really a scam company

Marius answered 5 years ago
I’ve also made an invest of 275$ on Binaring through “signalsbinary”.
Now when I wanted to withdraw the money,because those signals seems to be a crap,I see that the site of Binaring can’t be found anymore!