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Anonymous asked 5 years ago
I am noticing that most things on the internet in regards to binary options, stocks, etc are all in cahoots with one another.

I am all set to use Binary Option Robot but do not want to use a broker that is going to steal all of my money. That is why I do not want to use Finpari and others that you recommend.

I live in the US so I know none of the Binary Options Brokers are going to be regulated which is scary, but can you advise on which broker to use where I have some sort of assurance?

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Firstly, we do not recommend any unlicensed binary options broker. We will tell you who the most popular brokers are, but that is not a recommendation.

Sadly, there are still no licensed binary options broker for Americans that are connected to the Binary Option Robot. We hope that in mid – late 2016 there will be CFTC licensed brokers available.

This has not stopped many American traders from using shady offshore operations with mixed results.