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Anonymous asked 5 years ago
If anyone is thinking of trading binary option with TradeSolid (G.M software solutions limited) or already trading with them, PLEASE go to this link ( from the Swiss financial governing body.

I’m a living proof with all the evidence and police reported from British police, Singapore police, Swiss police and American financial body (FIMRA).

4 Answers
Nunca Langbaldi answered 5 years ago
Tradesolid are serial fraudsters Go to Fraud Police UK and complain

VdMsvJ5S6ybQRVUr answered 5 years ago
Seems like planned comments with fake details, i did some research on tradesolid and haven’t found any connection like swift bank.

Naomi Sinclair answered 5 years ago
Wrong information, I haven’t found any traces like this they are misguiding all the visitors here.

Victoria Luciani answered 4 years ago
I have to say everything was going perfect for me with TradeSolid until I decided to try another binary trading company.

I switched back and that’s when I got to know the real difference. They are good for me time after time.