BinaryBook is Scam

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
BinaryBook is a scam.

They trade unauthorized on your account and will not let you make a withdrawal.


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Moderator Staff answered 6 years ago
You may have noticed the other questions posted by a visitor about binarybook.

See here:

Since BinaryBook is not licensed and regulated, they do whatever they want with your donation (money you deposited).

There is a reason we have a list of The Best Brokers.

And this is just another reason why you should only trade with a licensed and regulated binary options broker!

Lindani Jele answered 5 years ago
Hi, Please help me get back my deposit from Binary Book.

Joel Sowande answered 5 years ago
Hi Lindani, can you explain in more details what happened with Binary Book and why are you having difficulties to withdraw your money back. According to their policy, they state that a trader must have performed a minimum of 10 trades to start a withdrawal procedure.