a scam?

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frank asked 2 years ago
Is a scam?

It says on their website:

“Bing ProFX is one of the leading platforms in the United States offering Forex, Binary Options and spreads. Regulated by the CFTC and based in New York. It is also regulated by the IFSC of Belize, as well as the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. The company is also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK.”

Thank you.

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Moderator Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi Frank,
This website looks like a scam, because none of these regulators allow the trading of binary options!
Any broker that is regulated will show their license number on their website. Additionally, you should always verify their license at the governments website. 

Moderator Staff answered 2 years ago
Read about Broker Complaints.

Ahmad answered 2 years ago
Hi Frank:

I also have the same question. Can I know which trader you got in contact with?

I have account with them.


Anna answered 2 years ago
I’m fearing that is a scam 🙁  I feel very naive and foolish but here is my situation:

I opened an account, by the direction of a trader I found through Facebook (red flag, I know). I initially invested $500, and the trader placed trades on my behalf.  Once my profits reached $4,000, the website said I had to upgrade to the next account level, which is $1,000.  Then I exceeded the limit for that account.  I have now invested a total of $5,000, and supposedly have over $40,000 in profits but they are not allowing me to withdraw until I get the highest account level, which would require me to invest another $5,000.  I do not want to put anymore money into this, though.  I feel so dumb!!

Anyone know what my options are here?

Nicole answered 2 years ago
Anna, I’m in the exact same situation. What did you do?

Nicole answered 2 years ago
Same thing here. Exact same. What happened? I don’t want to invest 5,000 more. Please write to me.

Anna answered 2 years ago
Nicole – I haven’t filed a report or claim anywhere yet. I’m not sure what to do.  Who is the name of your trader? Mine is “Lee Andre”. His profile picture is a man of Asian descent but the one time I got him to speak on the phone with me, he sounded like he was possibly Nigerian (or maybe I’m paranoid and expecting it to be Nigerian scam).  I have asked him to video chat with me several times and he refused.  Then he blocked me on Facebook.  Support on the website is not responding to me.  I have asked them to cancel all pending trades and allow me to withdraw my money but when they have replied, which is rare, they basically say no.  I think I’m just screwed 🙁

Ahmed answered 2 years ago
This asshole who calls him self Lee andre. he’s crock and mange to o steal my friend’s money. 20,600.00 $.
I think you guys need to talk to lawyer this piece of shit need to pay back for his actions. mind my language I am sorry.

Wael answered 2 years ago
I filed a report with French police and I have an appointement with the court on 23 July 2020. Lee Andre is a Crook, swindler, fraudster. I presented every thing to the French police, all the messages between me and the pig thief Lee Andre on telegram, messenger, also all the messages between me and bingprofx. Nicole, Anna, if you want, we can share all the  informations.

Anthony answered 2 years ago
This is stupid! I know I should have done more research before investing in cryptocurrency. I had a referral from someone from Facebook (Yes, it’s red flag) to the guy name Lee Andre. At first, I thought he was legit since I looked at his Facebook and Linkind and thought everyone around him seem like human being. I was fool because they could be a team/ same person working on one purpose. After talking with him about high profit return, I thought it was good now I believe I was wrong. Through his suggestion, I’m using instead of bingprofx. In the beginning, he asked me to wire transfer $5,000 to buy Bitcoin from website. Then, transfering to athena acoount. I did everything he told me to. After 6 days, the money on athena go up and I asked for withdrawing. This time he told me I had to invest another $5,000 to upgrade the account since it’s already surpassed the minimum threshold. I was like WTF. Now I’m started looking him up deeper and believe I was scam by this guy and his group. I feel so dump now!. Wondering anyone have the same situation as mine.

Nancy answered 2 years ago
I happened to do a search before I sent him any money and started reading about experiences like yours.  When I asked him about it, he said that he had a few difficult clients who didn’t follow instructions.  I then asked him for a copy of his license and he sent me what I have attached.  It looks fake because there is a typo in it.  No professional organization would have a typo (I should hope).  Also, I don’t even know if that entity exists.

I tried to post the image of his fake certificate but I am not given the option.  It says Certificate of Membership from The Financial Commission.  He readacted a license number.

Peter Tatarnikov is the Chairman of the Board.

Tinaluu answered 2 months ago
So can everyone get the money back?? I’m a new victim.. 😓😓

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