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TTg9 asked 4 years ago
Does anyone know Boerum Trading company? Is it a scam?

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Alison Barnes answered 4 years ago
I have been with Boerum Trading for a little over 2 years and I’m pleased with their service and returns. I did think that their commissions were a little high at first, but I have built up gradually to a higher level account and now they are more reasonable. I’ve had 4 profit payments which I requested and they paid on time and without any issues. Overall I’m happy with them.

Zohaib Ahmad answered 4 years ago
Got a call from these guys a while back
@Alison Barnes – Been with the company over two years have you? Funny the company was registered 6 months ago, the address is a paid one, commerical rental address for where the company was registered not your actual location.
Stay away

Greg Cookson answered 4 years ago
I thought the same but its a different company and not based in the UK, they are based offshore and have been going since 2012 – happy with everything so far, returns seem consistent.

Zohaib Ahmad answered 4 years ago
Sure another user to claim how good they are. 3-6% per month on average? Better returns than Goldman Sachs you are achieving.
Good luck mate

Kevan Smart answered 3 years ago
@Alison Barnes – I’m also invested with them – so far no problems, are you still happy with them? Can we get in touch?
Kevan Smart,

J Carter answered 3 years ago
Does anybody have any dealings with Boerum Trading recently, as they are not registered with any authority


James Carter

Kevan Smart answered 3 years ago
hi james
i am still with boerum – mail me at [email protected]?

Hreh answered 3 years ago
Now there have shut down. And suggesting liquidation  But are promising to pay back our accounts in full
I was very happy with their performance over the last 2 years +. A shame they have closed down

James answered 2 years ago
Hi Anyone there
These guys initially persuaded me to have an account with them. I opened an account with £5000. There was £2000 interest paid to the account.
suddenly they announced liquidation and the whole money disappeared and no contact to inform me and they didn’t reply to my letter.
This is bogus trading scam.
I need my money back.

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