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Kirsten asked 3 years ago
Anyone having good or bad things to say about
For now I will say be careful to deposit. Not easy to withdraw from them.
Customer service is not good.

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Moderator Staff answered 3 years ago
This broker is not licensed or regulated, therefore you should stay away. 
You can find the best brokers who are licensed, see here.

sebas gau answered 3 years ago is scam don’t invest with them they will stole your money

Leonard Badenhorst answered 3 years ago
Brokers Option is not licensed by or registered with FINMA to provide financial services in Switzerland. Besides, Brokers Option has no seat and no physical presence in Switzerland.
If something is to good to be true than it normally is…I Len Badenhorst have been scammed big time by brokers who call themselves
Mr Charlie Goldman (Chaim) from brokersoption, had been operating from Multiple Websites/ telephone numbers (Netherlands/ United States/ United Kingdom/ Switzerland ect).
Mr Charlie Goldman (Chaim) from brokersoption had clearly created fake entry points, to ensure that I had always won the trades when it had suited him. When he had realised that I had discovered that this was a SCAM, he had also created fake entry points to ensure that I must lose all my trades (Total lost = EUR62,395).
My account currently has EUR18,328.00. After numerous requests to withdraw this amount, I have been ignored and the brokers had stopped speaking to me…
Please there is no such thing as easy money…?

Jason Field answered 3 years ago
After losing all invested funds with Two to Trade when they were closed down due to the scamming.
I was contacted by Brokers Option and they informed me that they were given the authority to assist all the poor investors that had lost their money and would start with a credit of 3000 pounds.
Their plan was to help me reach a figure in the area of 50,000 pounds at which time I could withdraw funds and if I wish to continue to trade with them I could.
I started with Tina Hyland and she made everything sound like roses, we talked a few times and she asked me to invest further money so I could increase the investments and I said no I will not be investing any funds at this stage.
She then palmed me of to Charlie Goldman and after a week or two of investing and slowly growing the funds he too asked for further money and again I said no and at this stage I had nearly 20,000 pounds.
A couple of weeks later he disappeared and I was contacted by Alan Vice and we started again and after a  few weeks there was almost 30,000 pounds in the account.
Then further requests for money came and I tried to understand why as there was 30,000 pounds there not far to go till I reach 50,000 pounds and pay off my debts from two to trade.
Then it happened I got left high and dry, I couldn’t log on to trade and I left message after message and no body would return my calls or emails.
That was the end of what I thought was a chance to rectify a situation that I was in.
And it was, they are scamming ripoff crooks and it is sickening how these people can live with themselves and why do they get away with it?
Jason Field

Sebastien answered 3 years ago
Hi, i got the same issue with them, can you please advise me how can i withdraw my money back, im trying to log in to their website, its not going through. Thanks for your advising.

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