Can I get my money back from BinarinG

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Aindriu asked 5 years ago

I opened an €250 account with BinarinG (Signals Binary recommend them) about a month ago.  The signals are 50% 55% ITM and I only have €176 left.  I made a €176 withdrawal request on May 25th but today on the 3rd of June I still haven’t got it.  It still says pending.

Is it possible to get my money back ?

They have all the paperwork they need from me and its over 5 working days since the request.  I sent them emails and messages but they don’t reply.  Max doesn’t answer the question when I ask

Their details are:
Email : [email protected]
Skype : max.foster26
Tel : London: +44203695418
USA : +164685126765
Mobile phone : + 44 203 239 7944
Address: 20-22 Wenlock Road , London

Is it possible to get my money back ? What are my options ?

Many thanks,

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Aindriu,
You should first contact Signals Binary and ask them to help you get your money back. If they recommend the broker, then they must have a contact person there.
Otherwise, you can try doing a charge-back on your credit card.
In general, when trading with an unlicensed broker, it is like the wild wild west. They do whatever they want!

aindriu answered 5 years ago
Thanks for the help !
Binaring cancelled my withdrawal request on the 13th of June.  They said I didn’t have the correct paperwork even though they said I had the correct paperwork in an email when I signed up.  They ignore my phone calls now.
Skrill escalated my request and are still looking into it, I’m still chasing it :S

charles answered 5 years ago
Binary 8  with Beth Miller Prince Gonzales and Martin Amberge are very dangerous Accounts Managers
I got stuck with my deposit of 1000 usd  How to get it back pls advice I requested last month In May and its on Pending  Beth Miller sent me a mail saying No worries until i am worried
This Binary 8 is a partner of Goption  now they refuse to res ponce to me Prince is on the run