Can I share my experience with Stern Options scam?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsCan I share my experience with Stern Options scam?
Olivier AM asked 4 years ago
Please, do NOT trust anything about Stern Options!
At the beginning everything seems “wonderful”… You are supposed to have a personal adviser to help you with the trading and raising money quickly.
BUT, he actually call you more to force you into raising more money from your CC, pretending that it is just a matter of days, that they will credit the money back after the investment has made more money on their account!
DO NOT TRUST THEM, it is all lie.
As Soon as you ask them to get the money back, they stop answering you and make every effort possible to retain the money on their account.
I am now in BIG trouble because of their scam system…
I have about 5 months salary overdraft on my Bank account and no money left to try to make up for it!
And, they know it perfectly, I told them right away before they pushed me to raise the money from my CC. Always saying that I could trust them, that they were a legitimate company and blablabla… They are not what they pretend to be!
I am actually looking for people who have been scammed by this company to take a legal group action! If anyone is interested, please contact me!

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Yasmin answered 3 years ago
I have been scammed by Sternoptions. I am trying to get my money back from them but they are refusing to give me a withdrawl. They say how i need to meet their turnover and then i can start withdrawing money. They all lie esp Daniel Grant and Ellen Strong. Ellen still emails me and sends me info on which trades to open. You would think they would leave me alone but no. Still call and email me. Can still get into my account and have attempted on a few occassions to withdraw my money and says successful. But all a lie. Their platform seems all fake and who knows if that’s their real names. No one knows where Sternoptions are located. I just want my money back. Please if anyone else has been scammed to let me know how i can get my money back.

c.philpott. answered 3 years ago
I am a victim as well as many others. I have been trying since November 2016 but still no joy. They are thieves as their addresses in Sofia,Glasgow etc does not exist.They are fake addresses.

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