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Susan Smith asked 5 years ago
I’ve made a deposit into “Morton Finance”, and now I’m not getting a response.

It’s like they’re sitting in the dark somewhere waiting for you to walk away and leave it all behind.

Anyhow, I purchase a system and once inside, Morton Finance was the first thing inside this system and they stated to give them a try. It was a bonus thing. Well needless to say after putting in a $300.00 deposit, things just didn’t seem right. When I wasn’t able to get anyone through support for guidance.

Can anyone help me figure how to  get my deposit back?

Anything would be thankful

Thank you kindly for the time and space,

Yours Truly

S. Smith

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Which trading system did you purchase that directed you to Morton Finance?
We don’t know who Morton Finance is, but we think they are the same type of company as Glenridge Capital for which we have received a lot of complaints.
If you have not yet placed any trades, you should be able to cancel the charges on your credit card.
Always make sure you are trading with a licensed and regulated broker. You can find the most popular brokers here.

Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
There is only one real review of Copy Buffett and you can find it at
Maybe if you share it on Facebook and Twitter, more people will find it.

Mike answered 5 years ago
Hi same thing is going on with me .made a 300.00 dollar deposit and can’t trade and can’t get a hold of any one to help me .the account still is showing 300 .you say all I need to do is stop payment 

lou answered 5 years ago
Same thing happen to me but my credit card company says they cannot stop payment on my credit card.  I sent them several email to stop payment and refund my money back. I did make deposit of 300.00 too. I had thought this was a legal company but in the end, it was not. Please let me know if anyone was able to get their money back.  

A Sucker answered 5 years ago
This just happened to me too.

Copy Buffett, which claims to research its brokers, linked me with this fraudulent broker.  Deposited $300.

I feel duped by the “expert” bloggers that promoted Copy Buffett.


jose Rod answered 5 years ago
I join morton finance, took me a while to sent in the paper work that they wanted, had to open copy buffet to auto trade, that was on friday april 1, they traded for one day than they stop, after a few emails, they informed me to verified my phone number which i did and they started trading again this morning.  Since Friday the 1 they have made 12 trades for me,  I lost 8 and won 4, started with 300 dollars, an now at 270, so at this time I do not know if they are a good thing or what.  hope this helps

Kristin B answered 5 years ago
I signed up on Sunday and finally started trading yesterday. I’ve been assigned a broker who calls me every morning. I won all 3 of my trades yesterday and submitted 3 more today. So far everything is moving smoothly on my end. Did you try calling to speak with some one? That’s what I had to do. Me and my broker even talk on skype. I say try calling Morton Finance. Maybe that’ll help.

Victor answered 5 years ago
Call your credit card company and chargeback tell them you been scam

victor answered 5 years ago

Try to see if you can withdrew your money what is the name of your broker???
It is all ok now till they ask you to put more money, good luck with that and taking your money out.

Daniella Jones answered 5 years ago
Morton Finance – Customer Relations Manager at your service
Dear member,
My name is Daniella Jones and I’m here to provide assistance and help you with any matter that you might have.
As the company’s Customer Relations Manager I’ll do my best in helping you out.
Kindly contact me at: [email protected]
Please provide a short summary of your claim with your account number, email you signed up with and your nickname over the forum and the forum’s name.
I will look into your claim and get back to your email within 4 business days or sooner.
Take Care,

Fredrick answered 5 years ago
These people are scamers………DON’T SIGN UP 
they will take your money and never look back it don’t matter if you win your trades or not you won see any money ……again don’t deal with them ….

Vit Vit answered 4 years ago
you have till september company sitting on israel city: ramat gan achim bejerano st. 7 floors 1-3