Can You inform if has a license ?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsCan You inform if has a license ?
Tove D Poulsen asked 3 years ago
I’ve been contacted by Cryptobitup. I can’t find any informations about if they have a License or not. Will not invest if no License.

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Moderator Staff answered 3 years ago
Where do you get your information from? They do not have an FCA license displayed on their website. 

Moderator Staff answered 3 years ago
Looks like Cray Kevin works for this scam. 

cray kevin answered 3 years ago
yes, cryptobitup is licensed and registerted. you can check again because i have no issues with them and i make 90 dollars a week.

kyle answered 3 years ago
I work for Cryptobitup with an analyst. My analyst is Alex Brown. I like this type of earnings because it does not take much time, but there is still a profit. I tried to trade on this stock exchange myself, but something does not go very well for me, but working with analyst brings no problems. In general, I am satisfied with the exchange, and I’m pleased with the fact that there is the possibility to trade with an analyst.

Nick answered 3 years ago
The exchange is good. I trade with analyst Stanislav Kuznetsov. I like working. At first I thought that I would trade by myself, but something went wrong and I decided to work with analyst and I succeeded. Now I think that I will work only with analyst. I like everything from trade to income.

Robert answered 3 years ago
I like working on Cryptobitup. There are many positive moments that please me. This is both a trading terminal, and good working tools, and the opportunity to trade with analysts. But the exchange has a negative side too. The first is payment. I do not know, maybe ordinary traders always have $ 500 on hand, but I haven’t. It was a big problem for me to find such a sum. I found it, but I still had unpleasant feelings. I think it would be better if the exchange reduced the first installment and then there would be much more intelligent traders on the exchange.

Debi answered 3 years ago
Kyle – are you still trading with Alex Brown – trying to get his details

Kevin answered 3 years ago
The exchange is good. I do cloud mining here. This type of activity is pleasant to me because it is a passive income. I just need to rent farms from the company and get profit from them. For me it is convenient because I save time, and for me time is the most important resource. So I am very pleased that the exchange gives this opportunity.

Rod Taylor answered 3 years ago
Cryptobitup and Alex Brown are a complete scam.

Stay well away from this mob of thieves if you value your money You will never see it again. They will not contact you after you try to make a withdrawal.

Believe me I have been trying to contact Alex for the last 4 months will not answer phone or emails..

Oxana answered 2 years ago
Cryptobitup is a scam.
They take your deposit and forget about you. The company is not licensed or regulated as a broker and they provide false information about being regulated. I’ve been they client for 3 months and currently can’t get my deposit back. After an attempt to withdraw Cryptobitup completely ignores you not answering vie phone, email, Skype or support.
Stay away and report them to police – that’s the best thing you can do.

Oxana answered 2 years ago
The company is NOT licensed or regulated. Just another scum – they take you money and forget about you. They don\’t answer you via phone, Skype, support or email. Unfortunately, I have been scummed.
Я клиент компании , и впечатления пока исключительно негативные. Компания вами интерисуется только до получения депозита, потом просто на вас забивает. Отчет на личном опыте:

David Hall answered 2 years ago
This is a scam Company STAY WELL CLEAR    you will not see your money again.

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