Cannabis Millionaire Scheme is it Genuine or a Scam?

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Cannabis Millionaire is officially a trading signals software, made for investors to speculate and trade on CFD’s of Cannabis Company Shares.

If you did your homework, you have already found many review websites saying that the Cannabis Millionaire App is a scam, so we will explain to you, why they it is a confirmed scam.

We assume that you know what Stock CFD trading is, and how it works. The problem is, most people have no idea how Contracts for Difference work. When they read about a new trading software like Cannabis Millionaire, they think that they can make thousands of dollars, just like the video says they will.

Cannabis Millionaire Scheme Scam or Legit

Why The Cannabis Millionaire is a Scam

The reason why this software is a scam, is because they connect you with an unlicensed & unregulated broker like Brighter Trade.

Investing online is not for everyone, and most people lose money. The real numbers in Europe show that between 70% – 85% of people lose money investing with CFDs. And even those people  investing at an award winning FCA regulated broker like ForTrade.

Just think how many people make money at offshore brokers. The answer is ZERO. No one makes money when they send their money to Estonia or the Marshall Islands.

Cannabis Millionaire Reviews

What the Cannabis Millionaire is suppose to do for you, is automatically places trades in your CFD brokerage account. If you were investing with a licensed and regulated broker, then you would probably use Expert Advisor software from MQL5 or Duplitrade.

There a many automated trading robots to use, and most of them close up because they are not profitable. If you are dead set on using an algorithm trading robot, visit the robots page, and find a software that works in conjunction with a legitimately licensed CFD broker.

Best CFD Brokers


Did The Dragons Den Invest in Cannabis Millionaire

There must be a fake news article circulating online, because we have received a lot of emails from Brit’s asking if Cannabis Millionaire was featured on Dragons Den.

The truth is that Cannabis Millionaire was not featured on Dragons Den, and it is simply fake news.

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