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Francois Rivard asked 5 years ago

How can I get my money back???

Capital Bank Markets is a HUGE SCAM!!!

I have deposited $250 to start manual trading.  They called me and said to deposit more so that they would be able to trade for me.  I first refused.

They then suggested to run a robot on my account.  It almost wiped my account in few seconds.  Then I accepted to add $1000 and they did one trade that took like 3 weeks to complete and it just made it by a hair.

My account was now positive and I requested to talk to the account manager.  No answer for days.  So I requested to withdraw the money.  They refused and started to trade and lost half of my account in seconds without warning.  I requested to withdraw the balance of my account and they refused and started to trade again without my consent.  I tried to contact them and no response.  They are impossible to reach.

Now my account is almost wiped out and they are not replying to my multiple requests to contact me.


I hope that they are going to read this and correct their mistake.

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Moderator Staff answered 3 years ago
Are you talking about the broker Capital Market Banc?
Read the review of them…

Don Harward answered 5 years ago
I am seeing some disturbing activity as well. They have not wiped out my account, actually quite the opposite. My account has gone from $2,000 to over $45,000. And that’s the good news
The initial Broker I worked with Anthony seemed like a friendly guy. Always calling and he did trade my account several times a week. That’s how they start. He explained that he liked to grow accounts conservatively and slowly. He said he would trade 10%-15% of the account on any given day. Looking at what he actually did, he would trade 2%-3% normally on a day he traded. Most of his trades would win. I experienced two days in which the account went backward however, but given the nature of this exotic trading instrument, I feel this is acceptable.
This relationship went on for several months. Anthony told me he could make 30% to 50% per month. He actually met those numbers a couple times, but also produced a 14% month. Now, again, that’s not so bad, but not totally consistient with what he said. He did ask me to invest more money from time to time, but I have not, satisified to allow this new company to properly vett itself to my satisfaction. During this time I told several folks about this company and they invested various amounts, generally around $10K. All of them seemed to be doing well as we went along.
Anthony told me he needed to return to Australia for personal reasons, and would be handing my and my friends accounts over to an associate, Oliver Pierce. Oliver and I talked in detail. He assured me he traded the same as Anthony, 10-15% per day. He stated that he wanted to trade my account each business day. These folks, BTW trade Monday through Thursday only. Oliver has not traded every business day on my account. A couple times he traded two or three days out of the four per week. He did trade 10%-15% like he said and his was amazingly successful. I think he won almost every trade and my account skyrocked from under 20K to nearly 45K in a short period of time.
My friends have not seen the frequency of trading that I have seen. That signals a scam to me and here’s why: If CBM does indeed make their money from the profits from your winning trades like they say, then why in the world would they not trade your money all the time?
Within my little investment sphere of guys, I am somewhat of a “Ring-Leader” so to speak. I field questions from my friends and present them to Oliver or Anthony. Last week, I sent an email to Oliver asking about withdraw procedures, because one of my investment buddies asked me. That night when I got home, I noticed that Oliver had placed me into three long term trades, calls on Apple Computer for $10K each! In one single day, with the understanding that he would trade only 10%-15%, he traded nearly 75%!
That in my view is a breach of faith and of our agreement. Additionally they credited my account with a $1,000 bonus for some reason. Knowing that you must achieve many multiples of the bonus amount, it seems as though giving me that bonus would “Freeze up” my account for some time…Very clever!
Just prior to my sending them the faithful email discussing withdraw, Oliver called me. He said that he wanted to trade my accounts with the others he had which were around $50K. He asked me for a $5000 contribution. I quickly answered that he’d have me at 50K by weeks end, so that problem was already resolved! Thinking about it, now, if he was indeed making me as much as $3500 a day when he traded, which he did on multiple occasions, why would he need a paltry $5000?
I started sending emails to both Oliver and to Anthony and to Capital Bank Markets. None of them have been answered. My account page is still active and I am showing the balance of my account, some $14,750 available, and I have to say that two of the three long term 10K trades are projecting a win, so I certainly have not, theoretically, lost any money, however with the sudden loss of communication from three different places all within Capital Bank Markets, it doesn’t look promising, let alone give me that secure feeling that I can actually count on them.
I am disappointed in all of this. On a personal note, I was more interested in reaching Oliver on a spiritual level than making money. I am a Christian, and when meeting him over the phone, I felt as though I was supposed to speak to him about Jesus, which I did. Well, if I end up losing everything, I hope at least he is convicted by the seed that was planted 

Eugene Brown answered 5 years ago
CBM is a total scam. They rope people in and show AMAZING trades,then when you ask to close your account or take any profit. The bad trades start till your at zero. They do not answer emails or calls. The trades would show when they were winning a few 30 second trades taken at the same time. Then when your trying to get out they bet your entire amount and amazingly it comes up short. STAY AWAY FROM CAPITAL BANK MARKETS SCAMMERS

Don Preston answered 4 years ago
Be warned. If you ever want to see your money again, do NOT invest with Capital Bank Markets. My own experience echoes that of others who have lost their money. CBM will show you amazing returns in an attempt to get you to deposit a large sum for a \”once in a lifetime, guaranteed trade\”. And your sales advisor will pressure you hard to make the deal. But once CBM has your money you will never be able to get it back out. Try to make a withdrawal and that\’s when the ride begins. Suddenly those great trades will start to turn bad. They will tie up all of your capital in large, long term trades that eventually fail, or turn your account over to their robot which can burn through your entire investment in a matter of hours (which they did in my case) or even remove access to your account and claim there is no money in it. If you feel like gambling, go to the casino. At least you might actually have a chance of winning.

Julian Smith answered 3 years ago
Hi, Can anyone please advise.
OT Captial is currently under investigation, assets frozen etc. I’ve also had some very stressful dealings with them recently. How do I have my money returned. I’m deeply concerned and worried

Karen answered 3 years ago
Hi Julian, I am in the same position as you and don’t know how to get my money back. I am just letting you know you aren’t alone.  Regards Karen

Hannes answered 3 years ago
Imin the same position with Capital Market Banc dep $250 it increased to$409.92 after i tried to withdraw some of the funds they stopped trading on my account. It doesnt seem like alot of money but i was unemployed for 5YEARS used up all my savings and had to use some of my Pension money to be able to survive that was why i joined “The Bitcoin Code” after i dep the $250 Capital Market Banc was my Broker now they ignore emails cant get hold of them I cant afford to lose this money my account shows that theres an amount of $409.92 that i can withdraw but how????

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