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Anonymous Trader asked 4 years ago

Looking for a binary option broker I came by coincidence to CFDSTOCKS located in the UK.  I made the stupid mistake of placing 350 usd.

As sson as I was charged I got a call from scammer ADAM DREYFUSS,  which started tarding without my permit the account made like 6-7 operations and had a loss , but he changed the value to make it a win,  Then he told me that he will invest long term in OIl, which I agreed, and we made a profit.

My account now at 879 usd  Then I want to withdraw, and he doesnt do it,  It just comes out one excuse after another.  He wants that you put more money so he can steal more.

I placed a complaint to the London Police and also to my credit card VISA

BEWARE CFDSTOCKS takes your money and never returns it


can you explain ??