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Omar Boussaïd asked 4 years ago
Hi, is a legit broker? I've searched all of the internet but couldn't find one post or review about them. When I checked their Google Playstore App their e-mail adress for contact was a adress which doesn't sound like a professional broking company which I should trust. I've done some more research and it's clear that they're a scam. On their website they have claims like being  "Winner of the ForexExpo Awards 2014". Does anyone have experience with and can someone give me a second opinion on this company?
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Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Omar,   CFXPoint is not displaying a Forex brokers license on their website. All they say is that they are based in the Marshall Islands with a United Kingdom phone number.
KLDC Technological systems LTD (Ajeltake Road, Majuro, Marshal ISlands).
Lini Uaisele answered 4 years ago
Hi I am a new bee to the trading. I talk to a guy name James Anderson and he sounds like a good honest person so I deposit fund with them. He told me to give them 14 days than I will see the profit and how my account grows. Its 2 weeks now and nothing has happen. I send him how many emails but no replies. I don't think cfx is real.
Nae answered 4 years ago
I currently have a trading account with them. However this makes me suspicious They keep me posted through Skype and phone call.  I have invested $5000
Andres Felipe pardo answered 4 years ago
Sammy answered 4 years ago
Hi Andres. I have the same problem. But are you saing that after 3 months, we can leave the company? I dont get any answers on my email I have sent them. Sammy
Kicki answered 4 years ago
I deposit 250 USdollar, they took 266 from my account. I did a withdrawal more than 1 month ago but still no money at my bank account. 27th April I got an e-mail that it should take max 5 bank days Fraudster
jose M answered 4 years ago
Hello, my name is Jose from Spain, i have invested with them 200 EUR , after make some investigation and see the way they handle my request i can say that is not a good idea to work with them, no money back , no one answer my calls and email. i think is a scam. they say they are in London but they are not sound like from London or from Spain, more Cuba or Puerto Rico, my opinion is stay away from them.
Nae answered 4 years ago
I and my partner invest $5000 NZD we've lost contact with them.  Devastated we needed that money last of our savings we worked hard for.  Is there anyway we can expose them etc please help
Eric answered 4 years ago
Try [email protected]  I made it to speak with them on the phone and after I raised my voice they started being very responsive. I was waiting for a withdrawal I've done for 2 weeks, but after that call, I received it after 5 days. I also got reply on the support email. I'm not sure about the information on their site. I invested 1000$ and left with 1000$
Ntebi answered 4 years ago
Big scam ever people please stay away it's said to see being robbed day light!
Ardian answered 4 years ago
I invested with them in 2014 and I still have some of my money in that acc. they heled me a lot. they Always let me take the profit but not all the investment that I made. but comparing the investment and the profit. Of course I won, because of a lady called Amanda Robinson. I even invited some friends wich they are happy also. I dont know if we talking for the same company guys.
Richard answered 4 years ago
Hi guys I dont know why you are saying these kind of words for the CFX Point platform , I have about 10 years experience  on online trading and this is the best company with the lowest spreads and very fast withdrawals. I think you are mixing with cfx markets this one and CFX POINT is totally different with CFX MARKETS but anyway i hope that all of you that had problems to get sorted out because im trading for more than 1 year now and im really happy with everything.
EMH answered 4 years ago
Hi Bustard Richard, I invested 7000 usd in Cfxpoint. the beginning was good with an artificial profit of almost 100% which was surreal. Then the hell started. first i was informed by a certain Alexa Jones that my broker Scott was in coma due to a car accident and that she was goint to take over my account. The next day a got a call from a certain Zach Fischer that took over my account. He informed me that my former broker (Mateo not a Scott this time..hahaa) was fired because of illegal actions. I had an undergoing investment with twitter with an expected profit of 60 to 90 % and the change of broker was accompanied with the termination of  Twitter investment with a minimum profit. My bells started to ring and asked the new broker to transfer my money to my account. after a very harsh discussion i got 4000 usd. this amount was transfer in 3 parts of 1500 usd which shows that this is group of people who can not even transfer 4000 usd in one transfer because they have a limit of transfer as private citizens. I am going to send my case to the financial crime police (Interpol) and i am confident that i will end up getting my amount fully and stop these criminal. I have already declared war to cfxpoint. I would like to ask any investor  not to trust this group called cfxpoint especially investors from asia (china, and the region) because this is were people are suffering now with cfxpoint scam. i the near new feature i will inform you after some of the elements are put in custody.
Christian answered 4 years ago
Noah was calling me every day for weeks until I finally deposited just Euro 200 for the beginning. After I read all the above negative statements I wanted to have my deposit back. I spoke to Bettina Mayer and she wanted to take care of it. I'm waiting now for 4 weeks and can't even reach them by phone anymore. They are just thief's and criminals. I will report them to the Interpol as well.
jacob answered 4 years ago
Hi guys i used to work with a guy names Dave for almost 8 months and honestly saying i am a bit surprised on these bad comments of you,because i was really happy with everything i dont have that much money to invest i started with 200 after a month i managed to bring in another 1000 and when we decided to finish the deal i was out with more than 12000 and it was a transfer within 5 days so me im really happy with them if i ever decide to join online trading this is going to be the company.
Christian answered 4 years ago
cfx.point Hello victims! These people called me for weeks until I finally invested just Euro 200. Unfortunately I didn't check with Google first. I tried to withdraw my deposit but no chance. Nobody ever called me back. I send several complaining mails but also no answer. It is amazing that these crooks are still in business. It is not about the 200 just how the conduct their crooked business. Anyway, I put my international lawyer on the case. I'll keep you posted!
Christian answered 4 years ago
Hello, after sending numerous complaints they never answered. I wanted to close my account and get only Euro 200 back by hitting the withdrawal button. But nothing happened. Cfxpoint even closed my account now. I can't even log in anymore. They just stole my deposit and kept it and closed my account. This is THEFT and I will report it to the authorities. It is amazing that these crooks are still in business. SO PLEASE STAY AWAY OF THEM! Christian
Leon Castillo answered 4 years ago
They call me since more than two ears EVERY day. I'm German (sorry for my English) and there German language is horrible. I dont understand them very good. They are not interested in my words, they dont give answers, they say just: Open an live-account... to open a live-account.... click on the button to open a live-account.... They scream, they abuse me, they are not serious! I changed my telephonenumber, and see on the old number still every day the calls of this unseriuos company
Roy answered 3 years ago
I am Norwegian. These people from Cfxpoint called me for weeks until I finally invested USD 5000 in june 2018.( My account nr are 1300358862 So they can identify me) I changed my mind before I signed any papers. They also traded with the money without my signature. To day 11.april 2019 this Zach Fisher Account Manager, in CFXpoint still haven't paid my money back.It is not possible for me to witdraw from my account. Now its war. Lawyer are connected. I have also contacted a Norwegian television company that creates television programs on financial crime. They contact scammers and interview them. It's exciting and see how this ends. I think very soon the money is in the account again.
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