Chasecapitals is it a scam?

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Apostolos Siettos asked 4 years ago
Hi People,

I want to know if ChaseCapitals is a scam.

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Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Apostolos,
This question was already asked here:
If they do not have a license from CySEC, then we can’t recommend them.

Johan Persson answered 4 years ago
First of all I am not a bitter Investor that lost Money here, I played my cards right and managed to get out a smal withdraw enough to not lose anything.
This Review is more to help other Investor not to lose Money.
I did realy great in beginning turned 250 Euro in to 27.000 Euro in 2 weeks.
Then i started to lose big time and something was wrong.
So I set up a screen with a platform from a licensed broker so I could compare the trades.
It 100% showed that when my trade was about to expire Chasecapitals platform made a big jump to lose the trade, that was not realy happening in the market.
So I made some Movies of trads even if i know I was going to lose in order to have evidence.
I then confronted the broker Scott Oneil that called and got me started to change platform.
He was my former account manager at Binkoption and said he had this fantastic trading system for silver and for this resone i should start trading at the new Company he worked for and started up instead.
Even when showing the Movies to him he ignored it, just was talking about invest 10K in his fantastic system.
After weeks of complaining and saying I would expose this to the World, i got a small withdraw, maby they was thinking that if i made a smal profit i wouldent spend more time whit this and leave them alone.
But for me its more importent not to be tricked than to make a profit.
So I dident give up and Scott Oneil hang up the phone and stopped replying when I made it clear I whant them to pay for the lost trades.
I wrote support that I give them a choice to claim that they had tecnikal problems with there platform.
Ofcours there wasent a technikal problem, if that was possible the World economy would collaps if cant trust the trading system 100%.
But I offerd a exitdoor for them to improve my chanses to get some more of the Money i earned even if not all.
Then manager John Vann called me and asked what my planes was whit Casecapitals and I told him about the errors in platform.
I get a Little paranoid whit this typ of people so if they call instead of Writing i record the phone calls so people cant say they never said that.
Then he tru Scott to the wolfs and say that they have a security system that alerts when error whit trades happend and that Scott ignored this multiple times.
So he told me he would put 11K back to my account, that errors in there system made me lose.
After that he whent on with me invest 10K in there VIP system, and i told him this wouldent happen in a Close future.
Next day I was shut out from my account, they changed password and claimed they was looking for errors in “my” trading platform.
That was the last I Heard from them, they dont call or answer in phone, on email or Skype.
There phone on webbsite dont work.
When I search on the phone number they call from +442037691971 on internet i find a blogg saying some fraud Calling say he is from Berkly Bank.
They have no licens.
Cant find anything on the Company that owns Chasecapitals
If checking google steetweiw of there adress you dont feel that this is ok.
They have no support.
This is just my experince from Chasecapitals, and my opinion is that this is a joke as a Company or a scam.
You who read this have to judge for your self, as I say this is just my opinion and experince.