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Anonymous asked 5 years ago

I am a broker for a Binary Options company by the name of 1ST Capital Options, in the UK, at least until earlier when i quit my job along with 2 of my co-workers.

The reason for this was i came straight from college so i had no idea Binary Options were unregulated, now i wanted a job as a proper broker and form the induction day i had a funny / shady feeling about this business, it is a small classroom fit for 5 “brokers” with 1 owner, no departments, no managers, just 5 brokers and an owner.

I know the company set up a few months back however, it still didn’t feel right. I was given “leads” of interested investors who when i called turned out to be cold calls who had no interest, the withdrawal terms are weird, you have to spend what you put in, nobody wore suits except for me and my colleagues.

There was no contract of employment, no salary just commission. When we handed clients over to a “senior market analyst” it was actually the owner. Small things like this began to give me a shady feeling about this, as it did with me and my 2 colleagues, therefore we left. Would you consider researching into this company so i can get a general understanding of what is really going on.

Many thanks.

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Chris answered 5 years ago
Wow, literally just saw this 1hour before I was suppossed to have an interview with them.
are you referring to 1st Capital Options in Moorgate?
needless to say I didn’t go to the interview.
Have you found out anymore about them?
im not a fan of Binary Options anyway but didn’t realise they are not regulated!!!!!!!!!!!!
any info would be interesting to hear.

Jeffrey answered 5 years ago
Theyre bad, I worked there. The owner does not give back money to clients he consistently finds ways around it he does not assist clients in making money and steals clients from you to make money for himself. Unfit to run a company and its going to go under

Rebecca answered 3 years ago
This company is owned by Chijioke Offer. The company was dissolved in December 2016. Chi encouraged me to deposit £3000 in February 2017 with many promises he did not keep, I was not aware that the company was listed as dissolved and did not have a license, or that he was the Director of the company. I have not seen a penny of my money back since. I traded £400 and lost it, and have been chasing withdrawal of the rest of my funds since I discovered the company doesn’t even exist in February 2018. Chi has given me many promises of when I will receive the money back and hasn’t stuck to any of his dates given, either completely ignoring me or coming up with a new excuse. He still denies that the company is dissolved, despite this being recorded on companies house, among other sources. The company was registered at 45 Moorfields, London, EC2Y 9AE. Chi was also the director of Numbers Marketing, which is also now dissolved. He attended Southampton University, and is currently based in London. Previous to this he worked with OneTwoTrade who have also now gone under, he was also associated with Mentors Marketing LTD (Imperial Options), also in London, who have a number of victims reporting they have been scammed by them, interestingly Chi has recorded his name with this company as ‘Chijioke Lindsay Offer’. I believe he will carry on trading under a different companies name, so be careful.

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