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Narasimhan asked 3 years ago
I have recently opened a trading account with Is this a trustworthy company. My broker’s name is Larry Woods.

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john archer answered 3 years ago
Do not trade with this company. It is a scam. My senior analyst (?) was Larry Woods. Everything was fine until I wanted to withdraw some profit. Unauthorised trades were made to ensure there was insufficient cash to cover my withdrawal. I closed my account and lost the remaining cash. DO NOT USE THIS SCAM COMPANY. ITS REGISTERED IN PANAMA AND YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY TO TO COMPLAIN TO.

Nicholas Kelly answered 3 years ago
Same thing happened to me. At first it was good, senior broker was David Fisher.When I requested a withdrawal of some profits. I was handed over to a guy who called himself Dr. Daniel I got the impression he was some kind of manager.He made promise after promise but no money was forthcoming. When I asked him to close my a/c and give me my money back unauthorised trades were made to ensure my a/c was emptied of all funds. I haven’t heard anything from them since.This company will take your money and you will never get it back,it is a scam.

L J Ferreira answered 2 years ago
I deposit 250usd January 2018 in Crypto-Capitals account. Never start trading. My 250usd is gone.

Alan answered 2 years ago
I am a pensioner. I initially deposited €250.00 followed by €500.00 and finally €1000.00 making a total investment of €1750.00. I watched my account grow to €5700.00. I requested a €1000.00 withdrawal two weeks before Christmas 2018, it has not arrived in my bank account and my Senior Broker, Mr. Larry Woods is incommunicable via email or phone.
I now know that my hard earned money has been stolen and I am anxious to reddress this theft. Does anyone know where I can locate Mr.Larry Woods so I can send him a few messengers from my old Army unit. Any assistance would be received with confidence and discretion.

Thank You

Jonathan Hinton answered 2 years ago
Did you ever find him?  I would like a chat with him too

Irene answered 1 year ago
David Fisher was also my contact.  I am in the same situation as everyone here where all my money has been taken and I am unable to get it back.
It is a scam.  Now the website is non-existent.

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