D24FX is a SCAM Broker

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Jassim asked 4 years ago
Hi Dears

Be careful about broker name d24fx, they are a SCAM broker, not paying money when choose withdrawal to your bank account or your card you made d adeposit by.
at the begin they are very nice people, but when you submit a request for withdrawal they dont response to at all,
even if your send a message to there support, or the sales man that called you, or the your account Manager.
that all

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Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Jassim,
It looks like they are not licensed and regulated, so there is not much you can do besides call your bank and request a chargeback.

Hanaa answered 3 years ago
Hi Jasem
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Mohammed Alrabeh answered 3 years ago
This is exactly my experience. We have opened a VIP account in Jan 2018 and deposited an equivalent to $400,000. We were not able to withdraw at all. We got all sort of excuses and all required us transfer more funds to them. Finally I realized this is just a scam operation and I am pursing legal action. I am very interested to hear from others with similar experience.

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