difficulties in withdrawal from skyline markets

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Steven Nyau asked 4 years ago
After watching through their ads I left my email n contact no and a lady called up told me to invest 250 and later a guy called up to ask me to invest 2000 n give me a bonus of the same, traded for me, made a thousand plus then next day ask again to invest another 1000 again.

I told him no and to just trade with my existing balance account, he say ok then after that another lady called again to ask me invest another 1000 and that the former guy will not trade for me anymore, when I told her that I have no more budget, she hang up the phone.

I immediately try to do some wit drawer but was told by the so call accounts manager that I have signed an agreement with them stating that I have to trade 20 times the amount plus the bonus which I did not request. I was furious and wrote in demanding an explanation but no reply till a few days another so called senior broker would trade for me and would help me to get my withdrawal the next day into my credit card but need to invest in 5000, I told him I could not afford and he contact me the next day that I have to borrow at 1000 so that he could change my account into a VIP account and would get my withdrawal the next day.

I borrowed and invested, he again gave a bonus of another 1000 and traded for me, made a 1000 plus and told me that he will called me on Monday that he will do the transfer for.

He did not called and though I email him many times he did not respond then I realized that he indeed was a bloody con man and so are the other so called broker and even the so called account manager. Till I checked the scam broker only to realize about the scam. Can anyone help me how n and what to do to recover my investment.

I have thought of making a police report and perhaps get Interpol to investigate.

Anyway remember the name and make sure no one gets con again by this scam co