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Damien asked 5 years ago

I’m having a lot of difficulty getting any withdraw requests at AllGoTrade to be processed. I’ve sent multiple emails requesting feedback, contacted them directly etc, etc but no one is giving me any useful information and this process has been dragged out for over a month.

What do you advise for me to actually end up getting the money I should be able to.

I had no bonuses, my account is verified etc., but I feel like I’m getting a big run around, and it’s difficult to find suitable time to call AllGoTrade as I’m in Australia

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
AllGoTrade is NOT a licensed broker, so there is no way of actually getting in touch with them if they do not answer the phone or reply on Skype.
Either talk to your bank about doing a chargeback, or sign up with them again using a different email address, and see if you get a phone call from someone who doesn’t realize you already have an account there.
These “brokers” are just sales people, and they change everyday.

Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Mark,
You can find the best brokers here: https://brokerwithdrawal.com/best-brokers/

going34 answered 5 years ago

Hi Damien,
Ive used allgotrade as well and having the same issue. I asked to withdraw 10k and they said we will give you 500 just to make sure I get it (strange as I used a CC).
I got the 500 back but after that they also stopped responding.
I even had one of their brokers on Skype but after the 500 withdrawal he removed me from Skype! 
I’m pretty sure they are a scammer broker. I searched everywhere for any info, and seems they have only been around from late 2015. This should of rang some bells in my mind.
Another sign is the lady who did my 500 withdrawal was using a Gmail account! While I was pissed I had lost 6k, I’ve made it back with other brokers, so lesson learnt, use reputable brokers.

Mark Lewis answered 5 years ago
hi can you tell which brokers are you making money with 

damien answered 5 years ago
yeah your right I’m pretty peed off as I finally got a call from my supposed broker and he said hed organise this and call me back in a few minutes and never did.
its a pity as this was a recommended broker from signals binary which is a legitimate signal company I believe. ive tried getting them to intervene but no response.
the company must be real but I’m in Australia so it makes it quite tricky to get in contact with anyone.

tc answered 5 years ago
ALLGOTRADE IS A SCAM, They never answer the phone, the lie, lie, lie, lie, beware of Roy Malone, Micheal Bell, william Billows ad the supposed manager Leo Jamson. Total scammers all of them, they promise to send your money back buy they never ever do, they promise to call you back but they never do. 
STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THEM AS POSSIBLE  They told me a pack of lies and put huge pressure on to send more money. 
Talk about Liar, Liar Pants on Fire, they fit the bill exactly

Mohd answered 5 years ago
allgotrade There are scam broker. I opened an account with them then when I asked for withdraw they linked my account to Automated trading system without my authorization and blow up the account.

Jia Ali answered 5 years ago
is there any way we can complain about allgotrade and signals binary?

tc answered 5 years ago
I finally got my deposit back but only after contacting them daily and putting the brokers name on this site, Michael Bell, he finally agreed to send my money back but, if they could finally send the money back why  couldn’t they do it before. Why did it take hours and hours of time, frustration and threats to get it. I still say Allgotrade is a SCAM and you should not invest a dime with them. Customer service NEVER EVER answers your emails or calls. 

chantae grant answered 5 years ago
I’m currently trying to withdraw but they won’t let me, & then they told me to go fuck my self, & yes I’m verified too. They kept telling me oh you’ll get your money but it’s been 2 weeks & still no money. 

chantae grant answered 5 years ago
& I bet signals binary is also a scam because they referred me to them. 

Vajo answered 5 years ago
all.go.trade is a scam broker!!! Very bad for you
They are not FAC registered,  office address is not provided. Phone number provided on website rings all the time with no answer.Can be contacted by live chat they will promise some one will call you and stops there.They are hiding IP address proper scammers. I wish that I known this before I started using them. My account manager was Ryan Parker great with making money but you newer get the money stay away from them be safe look for fully regulated broker.

Dan answered 5 years ago
Hi everyone! i don’t know what are you talking about. This is legit company. I invested $500 6 month ago. Now i have over 7k. I could have more but i made few withdrawals of 2k in total. Roy Malone is my account manager amd Nicole Chase is my broker. I recommend this company! 

Roman answered 5 years ago
Hi! I have the same issue. Broker Tom Green told me that I have to do turnover 6000$. I made it and requested for withdrawal. Then Tom Green told me I can’t withdraw and I have to make plus more 4000$ turnover. It’s like they creating rules every time like to keep me and not allowing me to withdraw. 

Anonymous answered 5 years ago
Dear Sir: Madam
I fell victim to a fraud business in the UK, They claim to be a financial services company trading in Binary Options, and the Forex Market, After getting a deposit from me, they issued a loan which I was to payback. They commenced trading in February of 2016. For several months they traded and showed exceptional profits. My total investment in this company was $15,000.00 US, after the loan payback. The account was run up to 160K, however when I mentioned that I wanted to make a withdrawal they lost 120K trading in a few hours. the broker (his name is Ryan Parker) said he was out of town and couldn’t be reached, but let someone “else” handle the account. I suspect he never left, but used that excuse to continue the crime. Then he tried to get me to send more money, and the firm would put in 15K to my 5K as a recovery tool. I told him, I wanted to close the account which now had about 40K US in it. Upon that request he then told me he was “fired” and someone else would handle the account. I looked at the account which shows it’s suspended, but don’t really know what that means. They have not returned any emails,, skypes, or phone calls, and it appears as though they are not going to. I have found that this practice of theirs is commonplace being that this same story has happened to several, if not, very many other people. The company in my opinion has committed, fraud, grand larceny, and extortion, and something must be done here. I don’t know if this is within your jurisdiction, but if not, perhaps you can send me a referral to someone that could help, and stop this criminal activity.
They will open up a complaint. if enough of us report, we can close these crooks down.

Astound Gaming answered 4 years ago
Allgotrade is NOT A SCAM BROKER!!! I have been with them, and my account manager/broker is probably one of the best traders I have worked with.  I can say that I have noticed its the scammer that make up websites and talk scam this and scam that, but the fact of the matter is this – Allgotrade is a real firm, with very talented brokers, and will make you a lot of money.  At first I too was a bit skeptical only because I did not know when I first started the critical importance of having an account funded with at least $10,800.00.  If you do not know the reason why this is, then you should ask someone, and if they give you a real answer, then you will know its a firm worth conducting business with.  Anything under $10,800.00, sure you can make money, but with a huge risk or losing it all, and, nothing like what Allgotrade will teach you to do if you listen to what they say, ask good questions, and make sure you have a properly funded account.  For myself, I can personally vouch for Allgotrade, I have no affiliation with the firm, they did not hire me to write this, and I am just a person looking for great investment opportunities like all of you. Without having a properly funded account, sure, the broker can trade for you, and so can you, but I am telling all of you this or you will probably lose all your money, and it will not be the brokers or Allgotrade’s fault if you ask them to trade for you, and they say yes, that is at YOUR RISK of not funding the account correctly prior to and they will want you of this and continue to ask you to put more money in and for a VERY GOOD REASON – ONE I HAD TO LEARN THE HARD WAY.  There are different methods and strategies you can use for trading binary options.  I can say after trying about all of them, Allgotrades methodology with a properly funded account to start with, will get you results unlike anything you will see anywhere else on this planet, period. There is another firm I work with (I actually have about 10 binary options accounts with different firms), and they are called K2 Investments, and ask to speak with Marcus he is a really solid broker, and super easy to work with, and he too will tell you the same thing.  Just be careful of going to firms attached to software robots – none of them work…NONE OF THEM! I have tried 12 of them, and I actually make money faster now with Allgotrade giving me some proper training than any software bot can do as they just lose your money and quickly, and its so easy to do this manually.  Everyone needs to stop with this mudslinging bull crap.  If you don’t like Allgotrade, then switch firms. I started my account with $250.00 and every deposit I made they matched until I got to $3K in deposits with a $6K balance. Then trading commenced, and now it is up to a nice balance where I am able to safely increase my trade amount.  Also, this nonsense about not being able to withdraw money.  There is a trade value you must reach in some firms, but not Allgotrade, so whoever wrote that on here clearly has never had an account with allgotrade and is a pathetic attempt to try and bash a good firm’s name.  Allgotrade will take a percentage of whatever profits you withdraw until they make a specified multiple back on the leveraged amount (which matches whatever you put in IF you take that option, and they only do that when you do a withdrawal.  There is none of this you have to make a certain amount of money before you can withdraw, but why would you, the more you have in your account, the safer your investments and the more money you will make. Bottom line is I have read through all of these postings, saw a few people talking smack and they are not even stating factually how Allgotrade logistically and operationally works. Call or email them, setup an account, slowly over time fund the account until you get to $3K in deposits which means your account balance will be $6K under their leveraged account program.  Then slowly build it to >$10K at which time you can really start doing some trading and you will see the money pouring into your account – it still blows me away!  Then, and only then, should you even consider doing any trading of binary options yourself as their is a fail-safe method they will teach you so YOU DON”T LOSE YOUR MONEY – NO OTHER FIRM ASIDE FROM K2 HAS BEEN THIS WAY AND ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT YOUR MONEY AND NOT LOSING IT.  I hope you listen to what I am writing here. I know from experience, and have lost A LOT of money in other firms as a result of me not funding the account properly prior to trading commencing.  Also, to repeat, K2 Investments is another awesome firm. These are the only two firms I can truly stand behind and say they are NOT SCAMMERS with confidence.  From a real person with real, properly funded, trading accounts at Allgotrade and K2.  

Frédérick Ellien answered 4 years ago
Hello you all, my name is Fred and I have been a client of AllgoTrade since December 2015. I am not hiding behind some fake name because what I am living with this company is real. Contact me directly if you wish. I have made an initial deposit of 4000 and before starting to trade I told them to send me back 1000 because they had overcharged my credit card. They sent me 750. Consistent with many stories here, my broker from then Emily Morton put me through to Ryan Parker who asked me to move in more money to become VIP; did not have more so I agreed to a loan of 14000 that they matched and that I repaid in full by July 2016. From the very start I told him that I needed to make my first withdrawal by September 2016; he answered no problem: that could be made. By the time the loan was repaid my account was worth 311000 usd. This is NOT a typing error. So, no, Ryan Parker was not fired summer 2016 like someone else on this blog was told, always had a good relationship with him but then he transferred my account to someone else, Aaron Frost, who blew the whole account in a single day. One day, 311K. I don’t know what happen to that guy and I don’t care, probably still there, was told he was fired. Ryan Parker then told me he would handle my account again but needed money to recover, no guaranties but he would try. I explained that I needed the 12000 he asked for back by September 2016 has per plan from the very start. AllgoTrade matched with 18000 recovery funds. He told me that it was achievable. When the time came the account did not have enough activity, I sat tight waiting. As of November 1st 2016, the account was worth 45000$. I have asked Ryan to send me the money many times, as agreed. He now avoids talking to me, while we would talk on skype weekly before. To this date (November 25th) I am still waiting for the money and I am in a hard place financially because of the trust I place in him. Don’t know if I will ever see my money back. My account is well funded. In all I have sent 34100us dollars AllgoTrade’s way and I have yet to see a penny of it. If this continues, I will contact the UK police like suggested by someone here. Some people here have gathered some info about this company, I will unite with them to try to bring around justice.

Anonymous Trader answered 4 years ago
Hi , 
this is direct to you. I am with Allgo trade. Been with them march 2016. I started with Mike Norris. very good gentleman. We used to talk over the phone and he used to send me emails every time he took trades and won. I had a 100% OTM all the time. My account grew very fast upto 12600$. And to be honest i thought this is it i have found the best broker here.
But with Norris took a long trade for 4months on aud/cad. and as i was waiting for 4 months to end in september 2016. He stopped contacting me and i tried on many occassions but i did not get no reply.So all i did was to wait for the end of expiry in sept 2016. Good enough it was OTM. Straight away i put in for a 2600$ withdrawal. so that i could still trade with 10000$. i was told by william that i will be getting the money with in 7 days. As i waited for the 7days. Nothing came in my bank. i contacted them again and again for about 2 months. december time and they asked me to sign the deposit declaration form before i could get the money in my bank. which i did and waited. ever since then i have not heard from anyone or anyone calling me or answering phone calls. till now i have not been able to withdrawal my money even when i can see i still have the money in my account. I guess Mike Norris has left the company. I have changed my password.
Only stranded with money showing in my account but i cant not withdrawal. cos i cant get through to anyone. All i am going to try to do is to get my bank to claim my deposited money back and see how it goes.