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dave asked 6 years ago
Do any robots make money?

I have been reading most all of the messages here and feel I have to ask that question

we only see who is bad but never any that say they made money from a robot

just a question that’s all

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Moderator Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Dave,
Doesn’t it look like a pattern that there is no easy money? Yes, you have assumes correctly, there are no robots that consistently make money.
If you are lucky, you can join one of these robots, and they will have a nice winning streak for a few days, but could then blowout your account in one hour.
A big problem with trading robots are that they work with illegal brokers who are not licensed, so even if you make money, you will never be able to withdraw it.
Just trade with a licensed broker (see here) and make your own trading decisions.