Does an unregistered broker have access to the markets ?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsDoes an unregistered broker have access to the markets ?
Scammed By Bleaxmond asked 5 months ago
I’ve recently been a victim of a scam by  (formerly Blix Group)

I took out a Managed Account with Blix Group in April and took a couple of withdrawals but the last one I requested was not forthcoming.  I was informed my Account Manager (CTO) was off ill and another executive was now managing my account.  A month later and their contact numbers don’t work, no one responds to e-mails and online chat is switched off…..but my account is still active and I can still log in.  As of the other day, someone has taken out 4 new positions !!  Is this person REALLY trading my account or just pretending to ?

I have been advised that an unregistered broker does not have access to the markets so how do they actually place the trades ?  Or are they just making out like they are trading with this software but there is nothing behind it ?

I have identified the software by one of your posts against Coinwelt and it is provided by Airsoft ltd.  I have tried to contact them but no-one answers the phone there either.  They look very suspect themselves.  They advertise a mobile app on their website – – but I can’t find one on any app store.  There are no testimonials on their website either.  Why are these companies supplying unregistered brokers ?  I already know the answer to that – it’s because they are probably making a fortune supplying all these dodgy brokers.

Rather the question should be – how are they allowed to get away with it ?

Sorry I have asked quite a few questions in the above.  I’m just in the dark and need some help as I don’t really know what to do.

Thank you

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