does anyone have any experience with tradervc

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mike asked 5 years ago
Has anyone had any experiences with Trader VC
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Rubens Deus answered 5 years ago
No not really!!! What's your story?
Tom Durrant answered 5 years ago
I have been taken for £15k through lies, false promises and direct contradiction to my explicit wishes by a Trader VC. With promises of fantastic payouts and insurance I was duped, the money has since been 'lost' for me against my requests. There is now no money available for me to withdraw, even if there was, they do not have to approve it. Please avoid these people and generally be very, very careful getting into Binary Options trading, it is essentially gambling at a very basic level, for you to win another trader must lose. Eyes now fully open - if it seems too good....
Andy answered 5 years ago
Please do not  believe What these guys promised you. I got conned for 25k usd believing this firm is in UK and it can be trusted compare to others. However I was so song. They are the biggest scammer in the century. You can never able to get your money back. Once you are about to build up credit, they will go in to your account change your account password to default as 123456 and trade your account for 30s with 5000 each and make you lose your money. Then if you complaints to the broker who the fxxk give them the right to do that . They will say oh there is a glitched and we will top up your account with bonus.  The following month they  do it again and auto top up with bonuses that you don’t even realize until you check your account details.  Why they do this? Once they give you the bonus, you will have to trade 20 x the bonus size.  And these scam assholes got the right to go into your account and deliberately trade at a loss of your account and then top up bonuses to make you work for them at your own loss of money.. this is what I called the biggest scam of the century .
Serena Drew answered 5 years ago
Hello Evertone and Nichtrelevant! Amy is for sure a fake “customer”, I also received a “reference” customer from (“Eva Sager” from Switzerland, I will get back to this), I placed € 25.000 on a so called “managed” account. The profit they estimated on a 4 months contract was not out in the blue. I made the “contract” with a person called “Stanley Rogers”. It was first when this so called “Robert Kirk” appeared, I started to wonder/worry, he had some strange attitude (not to business-like). Anyway I paid the broker fee fully € 15.000 and made an contract that they “signed”, last broker fee to the same Molly trading, they where supposed transfer the whole amount € 106.000 to me in return. But these criminals where not happy, the wanted tax as well. Thats when I finaly stopped paying. I did make transfers to the same “companies” except Djbi it was called COMO. Postbank germany have had several episodes with this criminals. My chargesback (recalls) are still running. I managed to retrieve € 5.000 from Molly trading, It was a great personal victory for me. Even after raising the Broker fees to (with Mastercard) and some to Molly trading, they continued to threaten me (like they did with you), tax fees (they sent me rules that do not apply under their juricdiction:), auction (who can you auction fraud money:) and last week after sucess with one chargebacks they threaten me with laywer. From the beginning “Eva Sager” from Wintherthur (Canton Bern) was given as reference customer, of cource she was working in a church an so on… Her role was to provide credibility, She said she take out money monthly, her sister did too was struggeling to pay the fees and had to pay the tax aswell.. I asked her for documentation, It came realy clear to me. She had gained more than $ 250.000 in 2 months and received 125 % bonus with her € 5000, this was a printout from Be aware of these criminals ROBERT KIRK, STANLEY ROGERS (or J. ROGERS) and EVA SAGER these are professional criminals. Especially ROBERT KIRK which clearly have psycopatic tendencies (his last words on Skype, one week after he said he could not talk to me anymore (because I did not pay all the tax) was: ” YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH MY MIND?”. Keep away from Sadly I did not see this report in the beginning of desember. I am preparing to sent it all to the local police and they have promised me to send the case to INTERPOL. This crime is referred to as a “5 flags crime”; UK (SCOTLAND), ST. VINCENT & GRENADINE, PANAMA, GERMANY AND ROMANIA. If anyone should wish file a criminal charge gainst Sadly Mastercard is probably not going to be supporting in this case, but I am going to make sure that my bank is going to put stress this giant because I have clear evidence that the payments of brokerfee was not a service I received.
Lou answered 5 years ago
Yes, TraderVC is a scam.  They scammed me.
TJ Morgan answered 5 years ago
All this scam site are not helping matters at all 
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