Does anyone know Metro Options?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsDoes anyone know Metro Options?
Anonymous asked 6 years ago
Does anyone know Metro Options? Are they genuine?

Don’t seem to be regulated.

I was approached by phone by a very plausible broker but it all seems too good to be true!!


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Moderator Staff answered 6 years ago
It looks like they are a new broker that opened a couple of weeks ago.
If they had a license, you would see it on their website. Also, their contact page doesn’t show an address or corporate name, so they are probably not a licensed broker.
Have a look at the list of best brokers here.
And make sure to read about Managed Accounts.

O h answered 5 years ago
Its the same staff as base2trade. Base2trade if you search on google is a fraud. These are the same people just a new name
 Could you give me they number because they owe me money.

tony mackenzie answered 5 years ago
Tel 0203 6211462

TRickardo answered 5 years ago
their website is a clone of no less than 5 other scammimg cunts

rob answered 5 years ago
done alright by me so far

Steven Davies answered 5 years ago
Their claims are ridiculous – if you could get an 84% success rate you\’d only have to make 5 trades a week on average before you made 5% return on your investment and that is risking only 2% of your total capital. This is before considering that their founder, Kyle Soxell is a con artist (who has now left officially), the account they want you to transfer your money to is officially listed as a \”Wholesaler of fruit and vegetables\” at companies house (and the person running it also runs 3 other companies all listed at the same address) and none of the people you talk to have this job listed on their linkedin, suggesting they\’re either lying about their names or they don\’t want to be associated with the company. All round sounds too good to be true.

Steven Davies answered 5 years ago
Just to clarify, that\’s 5% per week or in compound interest terms 12642% return per year making 261 trades a year! Why would you bother bringing in other investors and giving yourselves 2% on every trade\’s profit when you could be a billionaire in a matter of years (3 and a half~) starting with only £100,000?

juliet answered 5 years ago
Anyone who thinks they are doing well with this company should try getting some/all of their initial investment back.  That should make it very clear whether this company is good or not.  

Gavin mason answered 5 years ago
I have been scammed and trying to get investment back is action fraud. Suggest anyone in same boat tries the same 

jackqueline handley answered 4 years ago
Hi metrooptions is a scam I suggest you contact action fraud as we wanted to close our account and they kept making excuses
and then I noticed on a site called company house that they have filed for active proposal to strike off which means they are closing down and we called them regarding this they said it\’s not true and today checked the account they set up and all our money has gone we contacted fsa metrooptions does not exist and was told to call action fraud who confirmed that it is a scam