Does broker ask trader to login his bank account

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Sunita Atwal asked 4 years ago
Does broker ask trader to login his bank account and show him  before he start training trader? Is this part of training process?

My Broker ask me to download Anydesk on my PC, I did that and accepted his request then he could control my computer and straight away he went to my bank site and ask me to log in to my account, which he said he need to do something with my Bank account before he start train me for trading.

I was bit reluctant to do that and then he start abusing me that I am not interested to get profit. I asked him to cancel my account and he again ask me to log into my account so that he refund my money. I didn’t do that because I was so scared to reveal bank security in front of a person who is sitting overseas.

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Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Sunita,
Which broker is this? It sounds like a total fraud operation!

Sunita Atwal answered 4 years ago
this is FM Trader UK. Broker Name Christian Green

Sunita answered 4 years ago
I lost $250 of my deposit but I am glad that I prevented myself getting involved in Scam of loosing all my hard work earnings. No more FMTrader please beaware all.