Does the Navstar Trader App Really Make $20,005 a Day?

Investment ForumCategory: Trading SoftwareDoes the Navstar Trader App Really Make $20,005 a Day?
Apri asked 5 years ago
Hi Scam Option,

I watched a video that I found on Yahoo news about the Navstar Trading app.

It said that they Navstar Trading software will make me $20,005 a day. I mean the guy in the video sounded a little funny, and they whole thing looks a bit scammy too.

Do any of these things work?

Where should I go to trade binary options? They gave me an account at Glenridge Capital, and I already saw way too many complaints about them.

That you for your help,


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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Great question Apri,
You are right, there is no automated trading software that makes that kind of money. Actually, most of these systems just lose your money really quickly.
Many of them work with unlicensed fake brokers, and once you deposit your money,  you will never see it again.
You can read more about automated trading robots here:
If you want to trade binary options for real, with a real licensed broker, then have a look at our best brokers page.

alicia nguyen answered 5 years ago

I had joined TitanTrade with 250, then I called and ask to canceled my account.
a guy called me asking he was a manager and would to see me make money I explain I was not working and I taking the money from my credit card he convince me he help me make money to open my dream hotel so I took 5000. 
then I was ask about a bonus I said no bonus he said he promise I would get back the money if  I put out  ,so he told  me  I need  another 5000  so I can get back my money I deposit  if I should  lose my money the company would give me back my money. but he made my add him on skype as Robert  Pratt . 
one of  the he give me to was a  bonus form and not .a form to get  my money and I have my 10,000 in he account but they are not releasing my money back to me I got 11,000 I have ask to close the account but the phone no don’t work and I been email them and no answer .
I need help to get back my money. please help me

Jakob Thoestesen answered 5 years ago
Wish I could help. But I could just ad a similar story.
Newer say yes to any bonus