Does The Traders Vendetta Software Make Money?

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George asked 3 years ago
Hi Fellow Investors,

I just received an email about a new software called Traders Vendetta, made by Robert Parker. I am curios to know if there is anyone who is using their trading signals.

Another question I have about Traders Vendetta is which Forex broker are you using with the software. When I signed up, Traders Vendetta opened for me an account at Greenfields Capital, but they are not licensed in the Netherlands where I live.

Looking for feedback on good brokers that have trading signals software.



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Moderator Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi George,
You made a very good observation by not wanting to trade with an unlicensed broker. Unfortunately, the Traders Vendetta software is quite useless, and it’s sole purpose is to get you to deposit your money into an offshore broker like Trade Fintech or GreenFields Capital. 
You should look at the best Forex brokers, which are all licensed and regulated, see here
If you are living in Europe, then the first broker to start trading with is 24Option. They offer you a free demo account to get started, sign up here.