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Robinson asked 5 years ago
Hi there!

Just want to know if Edgedale Finance is a scam or a registered broker.

They contacted me to open a Binary Options trading account with them but when I try to check the company under registered brokers, they don’t appear.

Can you please conclude whether its a scam or not?

Thank you

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago

Edgedale Finance is not a licensed or regulated broker.
The United Kingdom FCA has warned people against using a broker that solicits your business by cold calling. Read more about managed accounts.
If you are using a trading software with Edgedale, it is against their terms and conditions, see section 18.1.
Read about the popular automated trading robots here. We put together a list of the most popular companies that traders are using see here.  

Malik answered 5 years ago
Hi All,
I had a very bad experience with edgedale finance they are scammers dont give them money to trade.the a/c manager daniel baker called me and opened my a/c with 250 GBP.in one week time my a.c was showing balance of 870 GBP but this was a big TRAP,they offered me to invest in a trade which was insured,he suggested me to invest 100,000 or 50,000 or 25,000 ect i rejected his offer,after that day he did not did placed any trade.after couple of month i tried  to withdraw 870 GBP bit by bit it shows in pending more than a week time.then i called him he knew he will withdraw that money in the a/c.same day he lost 870 GBP in 9 mins in numbers of trades that day.their website is can be seen its a totally scam type.he said he lost all the money even the money was in the process in withdrawal more than a week ago.can you imagine it,they creat screen and show what ever they want to show to their customers.
if you need more evidences just ask i will provide you every single move they have made to prove them a big SCAMMERS.
PLease dont give them money to trade its better to learn trading and do by yourself..
if you need prove then contact me [email protected]

JessCrasty answered 5 years ago
@malik. Insurance trade is begun with a certain insurance barrier. You played without an insurance barrier. That was your mistake. Probably there was dip at the market, such things happened sometimes, brokers could lose sometimes too. What was your broker say? If you want a really good impression, you should always keep in touch with your broker. Anyway, I sended you my email. Show me some screens since I’m a little curious person.

charlotte answered 5 years ago
Hi, I have just been scammed by Daniel Baker, I invested £250 within 3 months I had over £2000, as soon as i requested to withdraw money they cancelled 2 withdrawal request, when i asked to close the account, i lost all the money made within 1 hour. whatever you don’t give them your money big scammers robbing poor workers, they sound Chinese yet have English names.

Anonymous answered 5 years ago
Hi there Daniel Baker is a thief and a big scam!!
He will trap you by saying it is a managed account and please do not sign the agreement. When you want to withdraw he will blank the screen saying that another member of staff he was training has made a mistake.
Danial Baker is not a human being as he has no heart!
He will get his Comeuppance!! 

Mandi answered 5 years ago
Edgedale Finance are complete scammers and are not registered in the UK so you have no recourse.  The name I began to dread was ROBERT GELLER.
You are encouraged to start by ‘investing’  £250-£500.  I wanted to start with £250 but Mr Geller told me that £500 meant I didn’t have to do anything and they would trade on my behalf using 10%-20% of my money.  Within the first couple of weeks your account ‘looks’ like its increasing mine doubled- all good news I hear you say.  The phone calls then start all day up to 10pm begging, pleading bullying (all scripted) invest more to make more, invest, invest invest.  I tried to explain I have no disposable income and just wanted a little account that i could leave to run and gradually increase, this is NOT the type of customer Edgedale Finance want – ROBERT GELLER wanted me to invest the minimum of £10,000! Obviously I said no!
Within one week he told me my account was going ‘VIP’ and then boom my account went from £1082.00 in credit to just £2.25!!! I received an email to say either invest more or close your account!!
Watch out! They are scammers and liars and cheats!
I will happily answer any question anyone has about this awful company.

Jay answered 5 years ago
Hello everyone,
I read all the comments and I can’t believe it at all. I am trading with a personal broker called D’acampo Jonathan, and we made very good trades.
Last month we had over 40% profit, and a very successful way of trading. We build together a business plan and we are using a investment strategy that he use to trade usually. 
I am more than happy with him, very professional and successful broker.
My initial investment was 250 Sterling and I test the system right away with a withdrawal, all good.
Hope for all of you to have a broker like mine.

Dan answered 5 years ago
I just lost all my money today after asking for withdraw on friday. So im goin to see them scam artists face to face tomorrow

Larry answered 5 years ago

My story is very similar to Malik’s except I understood his name to be Daniel Day.  
Each week, my total would increase.  All, I wanted was to withdraw a small portion of profits while retaining at least the amount I started with.  All along my account showed one trade per week, but that very day it looked like about 50 trades were done until my balance was just about zero.  I figured it was too much of a coincidence this happened the same day I went to withdraw.  I got mixed stories.  
The guy who answered the phone said I had to wait so many months before I could withdraw and it was written in the “terms and conditions”.  What terms and conditions?  
After phoning back a week later, I spoke with the supposed Fund Manager who had the audacity to tell me to put more money in, insure the new money, this way I won\’t lose my money.  Well why on earth would I hand them more of my money when they were so careless and lost all of the first bit of money I gave them???  That makes no sense!!  This is ridiculous!
I mostly went into this because a “friend” told me about it and claimed he withdrew his money no problem.  Coincidentally, I wasn’t able to reach this “friend” any longer after this happened to me.  Don’t bother with this company.

Larry answered 5 years ago
To add, I couldn’t make a deposit using a credit card.  I had to use a money order!?  Why was that??

Eddie answered 5 years ago
I have had the same experience as the other reviews, how do we bring this ‘company’ scammers down!!

Larry answered 5 years ago
Did you have to use a money order, too?  He also wrote me once along the way telling me about a coffee crisis in Brazil and coffee would increase in price, so only a select few could join a select group to profit…….but I had to add more money in my account to join, so I declined.

S09 answered 5 years ago
Hi, Im also a victim of this Edgedale finance scam. I lost US$52,000 over it. I wanted to withdraw my investment and they do not allow me to do so and yet they divert my attention to invest more money with them. Can I reach out to those victims who have the same boat as me to report this company to UK police or action fraud police in uk? Pls make police lobby on this company and pin this company down. 

Allan answered 5 years ago
To Jay answered 3 weeks ago: Try and draw money and see what happens and let us know

KT answered 5 years ago
I have invested money and am
unsure what to do now, I wish I found this earlier… Please HELP!

AMA answered 5 years ago
Be aware of the names Alice Johnson, who conned me into investing £500. She promised £2000 profit in the 2 weeks. After hanging up the phone I felt something wasn\’t right and I rung again to cancel the account here what happen
-Alice was no longer available always in meetings or not working. I managed to get in touch one night and she says my money is in a trading session therefore unable to withdraw. after few days tried ringing again and again no answer and no call returns
-I ring 2 weeks later and I get put through someone by the name Tom Ellis (fake name) who apparently is the Executive Director who apparently sacked Alice Johnson and he is now the new account Manager
-Tom Ellis also said my money is in the trading session and my profits are looking amazing and told me to wait a day. Rang next day and told him I need only £500 and im not asking for the whole amount (£998). He emails me literally straight away saying trade looking very bad. to this I replied I do not see any trade activity …..guess what no reply from him
-Rang on 26th July 2016 – someone from compliant department (James) tells me only way you can have your money is to close the account as the account managers deal with HUGE amount of investment and my investment being £500 is low priority. I decided to put in request to close account and been told someone from finance will ring me. I followed up today and I now get told Tom Ellis needs to check my account.
Please everyone share on facebook and  on email and whatsapp etc and warn everyone they will change their name when the law gets involved or when they have raised the funds they need,
Apparently they are based in London somewhere, but I would like to know if BBC watch dog be able to investigate this?
I am more then happy for a get together and kick their door down!!

Peter Gray answered 5 years ago
Hi anyone – These guys are a bunch of fuckers. They have taken ALL my money ($36,200.00) and refuse to pay a cent to ma and lost all a week latter.
I cant understand how the UK Government an allow crime happening under their noses. They are not legal traders and not registered at FSM – DON’T deal with any of them. How van these guys go home at night, face their children and family and lay their head on their pillows after steeling other money left and right.. Its shocking that this type of crime is actually taking place and no one is doing anything abut them. Beware of these FUCKERS they are criminals left and right.

Dave Hodkins answered 5 years ago
These guys are criminals – Please do not deal with any of these listed or anyone at Edgedale Do not deal with [email protected] and [email protected] or any of Edgdale satff. They have taken all of my $52,250.00 and refused that I draw a cent and a week later they lost it. They are not legal traders and not registered.

Beware of Allen Wolfson and Rose Cambell

John W. answered 5 years ago

Edgedale Finance  tell me that my money is still in the account  but I have no way to access it


What can I do?


Does anyone know where they are located?

Charles answered 5 years ago
Yes, I also lost $53,000 US in about 10 minutes on July 12th, 2016. I also asked a small withdrawl 2 or 3 days before…

Mary Gillespie answered 5 years ago
Has anyone come across a broker with Edgedale Finance called Jeffrey Cox.

He seems to have gone to ground too, having talked me into investing $10,000.00 from my credit card.

Seemed a really nice & sincere person but Hello, not answering any requests to withdraw now.

He could even be genuine, but am unsure of the structure of the company & who in \\\”Finance\\\” is calling the shots.


Jessica answered 5 years ago
Hi all.
I read some reviews here about edgedale finance and you people are just haters. It happens that a broker losses money, it\’s an unpredicted market.
I was working with two brokers in the company and I invested 1000$ to start a VIP account and in just two weeks time it was already on 1800$. I wanted to withdraw the money but my broker Allen called me and convinced me not to withdraw just now, at first I thought it was this scam that you people are talking about.
Allen convinced me to put in 700$ dollars more to get to the minimun of an insured trade of 2500$ and after another patient week I withdrew 4200$.
People leave bad reviews to good brokers without a good reason. Listen to your broker, he is a professional.
I\’m looking forward investing more with edgedale finance.

Kjp answered 5 years ago
This has happened to me as well my account was going really well then when I wanted to withdraw they ask to send my account to vip trading and that was it. I woke up to an apology email saying the market took a sharp decline. I can’t even access my account. 

Mukz answered 5 years ago
Jessica ( if this is your real name), have some connection with edgedale finance. Funny how I showed Tom Ellis @ edgedale finance this page, he became very threatening, trying to scare me with his google street view images of my house. you blind C**t cant you see a pattern moment everyone request withdrawal their balance suddenly disappears? My account never showed any trade activities. every time I lost my temper with Tom ellis; suddenly a new trade profit appeared. moment I kept chasing and chasing and preety much cornered him, suddenly it went from “dear sir your account doing really well” to “your account not looking good” within 10minutes. following this there has been trade history suddenly appeared with the dates and times of trades which doesn’t match with that Tom Ellis stated.
no one can seem to withdraw any funds showing available on their accounts however Banc De Binary who are “registered” and “regulated” allows you to withdraw money.

Craig answered 5 years ago
yes Edgedale finance is a scam and I was taken for a few thousands as well you just want to track them down and smash em they are criminals and thieves so how do they get away with it my scammer was a Jeffrey Cox but yeah could be a chink all we can do is get the warning out to others if we all put in scam reports we can lose them money I am starting a campaign against them with ant-scam sites,placing warnings on online trading forums thats all we can do cause the bank is not interested,lets get these mongrels

Riina answered 5 years ago
Same story and my trader was Daniel Baker.

jack answered 5 years ago
this is such an eye opener, i was close to handing over some of my savings around $20000.
THOUGHT I BETTER RESEARCH, i have issued an enquiry with the united kingdom financial council. the company they are running is legit though the way they are doing it is not morally correct, apparently they have not registered as traders so if it comes to the legal battle we all gifted that money to them in goodwill of a return.
there is no contract to which anyone has a leg to stand on, they are legally robbing all of us!!

Donald MacKenzie answered 5 years ago
They are a complete scam, Leo was my account broker, and I originally only invested with $250, however I was called saying that was not enough and I would need to invest another $250.
I did not want to but I was heavily pressured and I should have stopped right here.
I invested another $250, and my account was starting to grow. They added $250 bonus and $250 book money, and I was good about 3-5 trades brought me up to $2000 and they pulled their book money. At this point everything was fine and I was going to leave it slowly grow for a long time.
I had no other calls or emails pressuring me to invest more or anything.
My friend got into a car accident so I was covering his bills and needed my money pulled out. This is where everything went wrong.
For 1 month I tried to pull my money and had no response by calling. Below are the emails I was also sending
Then magically everything was lost like everyone else. I understand that losses happen as I was with another broker and left them. No worries about that, just I wanted to pull my money out.
8-8-2016 Email received
Because you had bonus and book money in the account, you should know this you read the terms & conditions.
you have 26$ left in the account and the minimum withdrawal is 100$.
8-8-2016 Email sent
ok, so just for my records can you explain why i could not just withdraw the money an i needed to go into trades to pull it out?

Also what ever is left in my account can it be withdrawn to my card?
8-8-2016 Email received
Donald I told you before that we traded so you could make this withdrawal but unfortunately the trading went wrong and the funds from the account were lost.
You can see that on your account, the money was in trading that came to be no successful.
6-4-2016 Email sent
It has now been since June when I started the withdraw process as seen in the below email, I am wondering when I am going to see the transfer of funds from my account back to my card.
I have contacted Edge Dale from the support number a while and they said it should have been done within 2 weeks. I do see that the account balance has changed so maybe it has gotten stuck somewhere in the system.
As I have had no contacting support has long time periods before a response I wish to close my account and have the money put back on my card. $500 may not seem like a lot to you however it is a lot to me.
If I do not hear anything soon, i am going to initiate a charge back on my credit card due to the length of time this has taken.
7-19-2016 Email sent
Hello Leo, sorry I Missed your call, I was just on the other line at work.
if you want please give me a call back on my work phone xxx-xxx-xxxx or my cell phone xxx-xxx-xxxx, i am now free.
7-8-2016 Email sent
Hello Leo, it is now the 8th of July, when will I be seeing money money refunded. I have been busy paying bills and working out solutions for my friend and I need the money at the absolute latest on the 13th.
Will it take a few more days to be refunded to my creditcard?
When you get a moment please email me.
Thank you.
6-29-2016 Email sent
Hello Leo, it is now Wedensday, Can i get the $500 refunded to my credit card, as I have to have it by the July 10th at the absolute latest.
Thank you, once I am back into a better financial picture I will reinvest money again, so keep my account open.
6-28-2016 Email sent
Hello Leo, when you have a minute am I able to pull the $500 from my account now?
6-27-2016 Email sent
OK, I am just worried as I have to pay $10,000 in my friends bills so losing $500 USD is around $650 CAD.
6-27-2016 Email Response
youre account is in trading like we talked about tomorrow we gonna see result
6-27-2016 Email sent
Hello Leo so here is my current statement
So I deposited $500 which I need out right away as I am covering bills for my friend and I have some due at the end of the month.
There is the $250 bonus so that will be eliminated.  There is the $250 book money which is yours and then the loose trading profits.
Keep the loose trading profits in my account as I will put money back in when I have it. But I need the $500 out as it cannot be lost.
6-24-2016 Email sent
OK, as I have not gotten a response back I have added all your support emails to my message.
Please close my account and transfer my money back to my credit card, it has been 14 days since I requested the money back to my creditcard. There has been no response.
6-21-2016 Email sent
Hello I was wondering if I could pull my money back onto my credit card. See below for details.
6-21-2016 Email sent
Hello I placed a withdraw request on 2016-06-16 21:24:43 to pull out my $500 from my account. I explained in the withdraw request that I needed it for a large unexpected bill.
When will I have the money returned onto my credit card?
I do not want to close my account, as once I have paid off the bill in a few months I plan to start investing with your company again. As my account manager Leo has been making a slow and steady winning for me, which I am happy with.
Also when I do invest money again I keep my original account manager and do not go to someone else correct?
6-16-2016 Email sent
Hello Leo thank you for answering my question earlier today.

I was just given a ton of unexpected bills. When it is possible can you send back what I deposited to my creditcard.
I did not to do this,  but I have to cover $10,000 and I am freaking out a bit from it, as I don’t have enough money.

Please keep my account open, I do want to invest with you, I just cannot right now. I am sorry about this.
6-16-2016 Email Response
Dear Client,
To allow us guys future successful trades I have to go on a business trip for 5 days since 19 june-23 June  I won’t be able to answer your phone calls but I will be always updated regards what going with you guys.
Please be patient it will be beneficial for all of us 🙂
I will be available to accept your E-mails.
**The trades will keep on running as usual.
Best Regards.

Allan answered 5 years ago
They are a bunch of fuckers fucking scammers and thief. I just wrote to the FINANCIAL SERVICES AUTHORITY and complained and received a reply they are looking into the matter and has received many complains from the public.

I deal with Allen Wolfson and Rose Campbell who took all of my $24,751.00 and ”traded” and ”lost” it. I was told by friends who workers at JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley they there trades are not true and codes the listed on your account are all meaningless codes. Therefore they take what they can from you trade and take the winnings and refuse a refund. They are worse that creeps and should be dealt with.
Beware of Allen Wolfson and Rose Campbell at Edgedale

Allan answered 5 years ago
They are a bunch of fuckers fucking scammers and thief. I just wrote to the FINANCIAL SERVICES AUTHORITY and complained and received a reply they are looking into the matter and has received many complains from the public. I deal with Allen Wolfson and Rose Campbell who took all of my $24,751.00 and ”traded” and ”lost” it. I was told by friends who workers at JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley they there trades are not true and codes the listed on your account are all meaningless codes.Therfore they take what they can from you trade and take the winnings and refuse a refund. They are worse that creeps and should be dealt with.
Beware of Allen Wolfson and Rose Campbell at Edgedale

michael kruger answered 5 years ago
Binary options are not a scam. The secret is to use software to pick winners rather than deal with your own emotions of Fear and Greed. This makes it much easier to trade using software. I trust this has been helpful we can get to know each others better

Pam answered 5 years ago
I have an account for the last 6 month and doing great. 
I never took any bonus or book money because my broker JONATHAN D’ACAMPO told me not to take a bonus, it will lock me up and is hard to make a withdrawal, this is why I didn’t take it, and I am withdrawing any time I want. 
I can tell to all of you to trade safe, slowly and NEVER take a bonus. This is the only reason why people can not withdrawal funds.
Hope the best for all of you, I do recommend Jonathan as a Personal Broker.
His signature is attached:

Jonathan D’acampo
Trading Room – Stock Exchange UK
 VIP EdgedaleFinance
Email :   [email protected]
Phone Number:  +44 203 807 1406   Ex:201

Mohamad answered 5 years ago
Guys. Just want to know, did you all gave edgedale copy of your IDs such as car license, passport? Any issue of identity theft with those IDs?

KM123 answered 5 years ago
Its with great frustration and sadness that I type this comment with regards to Edgedale Finance. This company is definitely a scam, take it from someone who has been taken on a world wind for the past 5 months with this company.

I deposited an initial amount of $800 and deposited more afterwards to bring my total investment to $2000.

Firstly I am from South Africa so that investment cost me R34000 in South African rands. Over the months the account seemed to be growing and I was dealing with a broker called Celine Ross.

The skepticism came in when the account was sitting at $13000 after doing an insurance trade where she actually lost money and it had to be refunded by the company but no body mentioned that if there is a loss on an insurance trade then the broker will have to trade 15 times more to recover the loss.

So this is how they scam you. They tell you that they are doing an insurance trade and you a guaranteed not to lose money because the trade is covered by insurance and they lose, once they lose they drain every cent of your money because they say they will put you on a high volume trade to recover the loss but what they actually doing is draining the money from your account, if that is even really money. I asked so many times to draw money out and I got so many different stories, one being we need to build your account, another was that the system to transfer money was not working, another was we don’t think its a good idea, if the money belongs to me why do i have to beg for someone to send me what is mine.

I was even contemplating depositing $10000 in the account because the account was doing so well but thankful i just stopped myself.

From $13000 my account has dropped to $28 in the matter of a week due to “high volume trades.” I’m posting this because i truly don’t want anyone to get involved with the company and lose money. They will pretend to be making money for you when they actually just stringing you along until the point that you lose your total investment.

Please be safe, please don’t fall for these peoples fake account success because it will happen to you eventually. Binary options are not a scam, just find a reputable company like Banc De Binary or 24 option who are reliable, licensed and legit.

Hope this helps anyone who is planning to open an account with Edgedale.

mday answered 5 years ago
There is a way out.  All get together with a petition, hire a lawyer to front you.  The lawyer gets paid when he wins.  And he ‘will win’…we all together are witness.  From what I’m reading, and I am one, there are lots…and lots….of us here.  When the lawyer wins…we get our money back.  Edgedale is fried. 

MR007 answered 5 years ago
Hi all,
this appears to be an all too familiar tale, rest assured i too appear to have been conned by these bastards, but this cookie will not be broken.  has anyone had any success in tracking them down yet?  I’ve visited what i believe is one of their so called offices in London, i couldn’t get security to acknowledge the company but that didn’t surprise me as i understand many companies in this office quarter sub-let and so can potentially hide away without any real trace. Come back to me as i am not going to let the arsehole in question get away with it and im sure that plenty of heads working together can turn these wankers over.

Sujit answered 5 years ago
Even I lost the money with these Frauds, it is a total loss investing  in Edgedale.
they clearly show profits until you send withdrawal request, the moment i sent request for withdrawal I got a call to place withdrawal request only on Monday. When I placed a request on Monday, they lost all trades in 40 seconds! This is 100% Fraud, their Website should be banned from operating.

ABC answered 5 years ago
Here is my experience with Edgedale, for start BIG SCAM.
I invested some small amount of money with them, dont ask why was I stupid enough to actually believe them.
At the moment my account sits at $32000 supposeably profit. I tried to withdraw $1500 and its pending for last 6 months.
My broker is Tom Ellis (with east Indian accent), highly doubt it his name actually us Tom Ellis.
when I try to contact them they always say he is not in the office, no one can help me but him.
Finally when I got hold of him he told me that I need to aend them $3600 and than I will be able to withdraw $1500 and they will continue trading after that.
Its a joke of course, no way I am sending them any money. I am trying to get hold of him to close an account, I will tell them to keep all earnings but give me back only my few hundred invested.
I can bet any money that outcome will be how they lost money within minutes, thats a story with everyone that wanted to do withdrawal or close an account.
what i think these guys do aside of taking your money you send them is making fake documentation with IDs you send them, so you guys better make a new drivers license, credit card, etc etc.

Jim Kal answered 5 years ago
Hi All,
I have also had a bad experience with Edgedale Finance were they coaxed me into thinking it was all legit and persuaded me to invest my $500 hard earned money.  I discovered the hard way that they are a scam artist group.  Scrupulous in their methods and devious in extracting money out of people whom are led to believe they have the investors interest at heart.

Daniel answered 5 years ago
Frankly speaking, I’ve seen many negative comments about Edgedale Finance on other sites, but still I’m a bit surprised. Well, yeah, I lost my money couple times but those sums weren’t big, so it doesn’t bother me so much. Besides, you know that it’s all about risk and when you invest, you risk anyway. Better to start with small amounts, so you can’t lose all your money at once that way.

Anonymous answered 5 years ago
Edgedalefinance is a total scam!!!! they stole my money.  Do not fall into their trap saying that they will manage your account.

zaheera answered 5 years ago
 They are a scam. I had a balance of 4808 dollars. I requested a withdrawal of 300 dollars and I got a  all from Max that he will approve after two hours as there was a special trading today. I just checked my account and found that thy there is only 8 dollars left. For the past few months there was no loss and I never withdrew. Today suddenly all was lost because I asked for withdrawal of 300 dollars. They need to be reported and charged for their criminal activities.

mary answered 5 years ago
This is what I just emailed to W5 CTV Canada…a TV program dedicated to official scam
Edgedale Finance is a Binary Options company located at
One Paddington Central
Kingdom St. London
W2 6BD, United Kingdom +44.20.380706
[email protected] just one of many emails
I committed to trading with them early this year with an initial $250 U.S.
They contacted me and insisted on my depositing $15000 US otherwise no trade could be made.
I did.
A website was opened to me showing me my account and it’s activities. The account rose. They did the trading with my deposit amount.
They contacted me again. This time asking for a deposit of $15000 US so bigger trades ($50,000 US minimum) could be made. I couldn’t. The broker got quite upset, threatening me I should withdraw all my money if I couldn’t comply.
I didn’t…because there was no more money to give at my end. But, could he use the ‘bonus’ they offered at their end and they could withdraw this from my account to pay it off. My account was at $34000 US at this point.
He gave me the bonus….$15000 US and proceeded to make a trade.
My account went up to $85,700.
What he failed to mention to me was that upon requesting a bonus my account would be frozen until the $15,000 US was paid, out of my own pocket. They were not allowed to withdraw any money out of my account with them to pay this off.
Not only is my account frozen, but I am now not able to log in to my account…because it just won’t open.
This is going on not just with Canada, it’s worldwide. Google the many stories, similar to mine.
Something has to be done. Too many people getting hurt…
Mary Dejneka..you’ve got my email

Sonya Muirson answered 5 years ago
Zaheera, I have also been dealing with a guy called Max.  Now just like everybody else I was asked to start off with USD 1000 and slowly but surely I could see money coming into my on screen account.  Now we need to realise they can type anything on  this screen, it doesnt mean the money is there.  My broker Jim Ross who was orignally applied to me never contacted me again.  Then a guy called Max contacted me saying the only way to make money was to open a trade for USD 2500 that would be secure through finances and that I could not loose my money and that in 5 days I would have that money plus bonuses back in my account.  This was on the 4th November and I am still waiting after two weeks, no reply to my emails asking where my money is.  So i have asked to withdrawal my money that I have put into my account without bonuses and nothing, no one is contacting me. 
I have contacted my banks fraud department who are looking into it and I have contacted a company in England to see if they can help me.
I will keep you posted if and when I get my money back.  Looking at everybody else however that wont happen.  I am not going to let this company or 23traders who I think are affiliated with Edgedale Finance get away with this.  They are criminals and should be closed down and in prison.

Reddy answered 5 years ago
These fuckers are criminals – Please do not deal with any of these listed or anyone at Edgedale. Do not deal with [email protected] or any of Edgdale satff. They have taken my $750.00 and refused that I draw a dollar and a week later they blocked my account and had been withdrawn 6000 USD from my credit and debit card. They are not legal traders and not registered.
Beware of Steve Ali…..Please circulate and inform to your friends as much as possible…..

Ayanda Mbongo answered 4 years ago
Wow. This is so shocking – if anybody knows how we can all get our money back, please advise. I have been dealing with a guy call Max, he even had the guts to email and tell me that he he find me, kick my ass and use white voodoo magic on me

Peter Klutskiy answered 4 years ago
Hello everyone!
I lost in this company 71,600 EUR. My manager was Bradley Jones. Every time when he called me he asked to invest more and more. And in december 2016 when I asked about withdrawal they lost all my money for 2 minutes. Iw was 2.50 EUR.
But I got my money back by bank. With the help of my lawyer and a complicated procedure for the return of funds. This process take about 3 month. And I could get back only my investments.
Write me on mail I will explain you how to get your money back [email protected]
We need to punishthis scammers.

Rihards Pīks answered 4 years ago
Be careful !!! "broker" Viktor Malyshev is robber!