Edgedale Finance ignoring my withdrawal request

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Maryna Landman asked 4 years ago
I invested in Edgedale Finance last year  – the deal was that they would trade on my behalf and I would qualify for a bonus if the money remained with them for 6 months.

My first broker, Stacey Dixon was fantastic and the invest grew, for some unknown reason and without notifying me she was replaced by Maria Gomez, but I can’t complain about her either. Then, just before Christmas I received a call from Michael Smith saying he is now my broker.  He tried to push me into investing in an insured trade but I simply couldn’t afford it. And then he disappeared – not replying to any of my emails or requests via Support for him to contact me.

I sent an email to every address I had at Edgedale forbidding any further trade on my account.  My 6 month period lapsed on 1 March and I duly placed a withdrawal request.  Support says it has to be handled by my broker, to which I replied that my broker is ignoring me. They asked for 36 – 48 business hours to sort it out.  Needless to say that that time came and went without so much as a word from Support and now they are just ignoring me too.

There is 23,000 dollars in my account and I desperately need it but I am met with total silence from Edgedale – isn’t that tantamount to theft? What can I do to get them to do the right thing and honor my request or even just get them to talk to me? Seems like, if they can’take lose all your money on time before you ask to withdraw, they just make you personally non grata when you do try to withdraw that which you have. Spells SCAM!!!!!! Please help.

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Fred Wong answered 4 years ago
U will never get your money cursed them to their graves