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Jeremiah Hart asked 3 years ago, This person or platform approached me mid Sep 2019. After a few weeks of communication & with the research I came across, I took the chance & invested. Within 10 days I was surprised to be paid $8,500. I decided to take $300.00 of that money to reinvest & within 4 days my account had $12k, then $18k, then $27k, all the way up to $49k. When I was at $12k, my wife seen & wanted to invest $300 as well, she did & her account did the same but her account ended at $29k. Then out of Now place a 10% fee that must be paid from an outside wallet? Inside the user agreements & Terms it states there is NO FEE & that you can have the fee taken from your trading account. The account manager going by the name of Jeannet Horton, has taken my money & now my funds are being kept from both me & my wife. She is requesting a 15% on top of the broker asking for 10% or we lose the funds.. I\'m all most positive the broker & jeannette are one in the same and has been scamming people by holding their funds ransom making them pay more then not giving them the money. Ive had no problem contacting the site for chat up till now. Now the platform will NOT respond to anything I ask, will not call me back, will not pick up the call when i call & will not email me back.. Need help if anyone has a solution. Thank you kindly
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Matt answered 2 years ago
Jeremiah. Can I please contact you regarding this. I have a similar situation right now.
Denise answered 2 years ago
well it happened to me too. She has disappeared.
Amanda McLean answered 2 years ago
Hi, I have been asked by the Trader. Stephanie L Turner to pay 50% of the commission in BTC when the Trading time was finished then when withdrawing to pay the Broker the 10% brokerage. Once the arrival of my BTC of profits to account. In reality, is her wallet address, as she asks me for the password to be able to trade on my name, which I do not suppose to do anyway. I have already paid $1,540 in AUD to buy my BTC  and I imagine I am going to lose the suppose earnings /profit of $59,980 US. plus the $1540 of the Initial Investment. My husband ex-bank manager said and send the message to if they are honest in any business transactions all debts are paid in before and clear the ledger of all fees and charges and send the Investors the outstanding balance. Merry Christmas and Happy days ahead with this type of scammers going on.!!
Lina answered 2 years ago
Hi Amanda, i have been approached by same woman l turner and i am not comfortable paying money to get money out! I asked for her id and she refused.
Wanita answered 2 years ago
Wow, I am so glad I saw this because I have been in contact with her and a few others and right when I was about to take the leap my SCAM radar went off. This seems to be the trend. They give you a bus load of money then take it all back once they multiply your money for themselves.  If they were really killing it, then why would they chase us to invest?
David answered 1 year ago
Yep. Expertfxoption is a scam! I was approached by Stephanie Turner on Instagram. They did a good job fooling me at first. They managed to get 2000 dollars from me. It looks like im getting it back though. So their system is not real. They are manipulating everything to make it look real and the do it pretty well. Do not trust them! When confronted they will say things like, Go ahead and look us up or these people are scammers and are only trying to frame our platform. See through their bullshit.
Dapo answered 1 year ago
All these pseudonyms are the same person using the expert-fxoption for her scaming activities. Her current name on Instagram is Cynthia_service__1. she could possibly have other facebook, Instagram, or twitter accounts with which she carries out these shady deals. She's also working with a network of other scammers too. Her istagram account kept got taken down. As of now, Cynthia_service__1 is no more on Instagram perhaps because she kept getting reported for scams and other financial related abuse. IT JUST GOT TAKEN DOWN TODAY! She's a white Caucasian female of about 55-62 years old. To make me believe in her, she made a live WhatsApp video with a background of at least six other women of her age group in an official setting and she claim they are working together. Its quite a wonder how women of such age group could be involved in an obnoxious activity like this. Something that readily comes to mind is she probably has a younger male fela who is using her to front and, do make believe appearances to would be victims. She is quite successful with her tricks because of the expertfxoption platform website (now ) registration and email correspondence that makes you feel you are dealing with an fx broker's account manager. The best any victim can do is to try and report her to any financial investigation bureau like FBI or its equivalent in your country of residence as a cyber fraud case, you can do this via their website or write an email containing information about your transactions with her, including the phone numbers she put up on her contact channel like WhatsApp, twitter, Facebook or IG, she needs to be stopped. I am quite sure they will take the case up and you might actually retrieve your fund or parts of it. She has made millions of dollars out of defrauding several individuals all over the world.
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