FM-FX Not Sending Me My Money

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Clifford Schedlosky asked 4 years ago
Can you help me?

Since 28 Jan I have been asking for the return of my deposit from FM-FX. I sent them all the required documents and still no return. Is there anything I can do??

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Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Clifford,  
There is not much that you can do when you are dealing with a broker that is not licensed.  

You can try contacting their “management” email. 
But really you should use a licensed forex broker instead.

Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
Australians should ONLY trading Forex with an ASIC licensed broker.

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PepperStone (read review) is a popular broker licensed by ASIC & FCA. Their variety of trading platforms makes them a popular broker, learn more.

AVAtrade (read review) has been in business for 10 years, and are licensed by ASIC, see here.


Alfred Gervais answered 4 years ago
Hi Clifford,
I’ve been in your situation before and i believe there is quite a long process in regards with the withdrawal. my suggestion is that after you submitt all the necessary documents keep sending them an email and keep calling them.(im referring to the customer service department). because that’s what i actually did and eventually got my money a few weeks later after i spoke to the broker. Goodluck!