FxGlobalMiner.com is a Global SCAM!

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Peter asked 6 months ago
Please be advised and warned that fxglobalminer.com is a “Fake Site” and a Complete “SCAM!”

Their contact Kristen Patrick from Oswego – New York USA (although that may be fiction too?) is operating fraudulently! They have stolen over $9000 from me now!  They have not been open or transparent about all the costs and charges that you have to make but just keep giving many excuses and assurances that everything will be fine if you pay up!

Everything seems okay until you want to withdraw your profit then all contact is lost!  It’s not possible to withdraw from your “fake” fxglobalminer.com website account!

Don’t bother emailing the support team on [email protected] either, there’s no response because the department doesn’t exist!

I have contacted the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK who have said that they are running a “SCAM” known as “Advance Fee Fraud!”  The FCA are carrying out investigations now alongside Action Fraud UK and the UK and International Police!  Hopefully they’re closing in on them and their fraudulent network.

Also, the USA SEC.gov have said that the business is not registered in the USA so unregulated!  Please do not use or invest money into this company – It’s all a “SCAM!”

I have lost everything now and I’ll be homeless by Christmas!  There is no chance I’ll get anything back from them and I’m sure that I will not recover from this terrifying experience – There’s no one that can help me now, I’m ruined!

All I can do is try to save someone from this organisation and wicked, cold-blooded SCAM!

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